Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Year, New Beginning...

Can you believe it’s already almost March? I can’t! Especially since my goal for this blog was to slowly ease into posting again beginning in January. So, it seems, I’m taking the “easing” part of my goal a little more literally than I intended to do. It’s not easy coming back after being MIA for two years—am I right?!

When I started this blog back in 2009 (what seems like a lifetime ago now) I initially started it to document my writing journey. However it’s a little hard to document a writing journey when you haven’t written in three years, so blogging kind of just became a “thing I used to do.” It was always something I enjoyed doing, but sometimes life just happens, you know? What I realized is that I still sometimes feel the urge to blog. Maybe I have the itch because I do love and follow a LOT of food blogs and DIY blogs, and those are both things I love doing--cooking and messing up things trying to be the Pinterest DIY Queen!

So, with that being said, I came up with the brilliant idea of repurposing this blog (that’s my inner DIY nerd talking right there). Am I still interested and writing and reading? Yes, absolutely! And I’m hoping that getting back into a routine of writing and reading will, in fact, inspire me to start a new project. I’m also hoping it will help me practice writing sentences without the words “like” and “totes.” I’m not even kidding. It’s almost like I’ve become a thirteen year old girl! Totes.

I do not want to dedicate this blog to one purpose, since I love and want to share so many things. I’m kind of random and sporadic with my hobbies. Dating life. Let’s face it; my whole life is just a random sequence of events—and a lot of the time it ends with very comedic results. I’ve decided to embrace my randomness and share it with you all.

Life without random, craziness would be boring. So I hope you’re all ready!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Breakfast: The Healthy and the Not So Healthy

Breakfast. It's got to be the best meal of the day, right? There are just so many different options--sweet or savory. Proteins or yummy, delicious carbs. Coffee AND orange juice!!! I could go on and on, but I won't.

My Honey Bunny, like me, is a huge proponent of breakfast. Huge may even be an understatement. Is there a word bigger than huge? Whatever that word is..... that's him! Over the weekend I went to visit my Honey Bunny.  I love going to visit him, not only because he's just so darn cute! Not gonna lie, that's the biggest reason, but also because I love the area he lives in. Austin is well known for 6th Street and the music scene, but they also happen to be cafe country. There are so many quaint little cafes to eat in. I haven't found one that I didn't like yet, and we've been to many a cafe over the last several months.