Thursday, December 3, 2009

All I Want

The other day, my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

Here's (kind of) how the conversation went:

Hubby: So, what do you want for Christmas this year?

Me: Umm.....

Hubby: Come on. You can think of something.

Me: [Giggle] Well there are a few things. [Giggle]

Hubby: Okay.

[He looks at me like, maybe, I've lost my mind]

Me: How about...?

Hubby: Seriously?

Me: Uhh...No. Of course not. I was just kidding! (Ha! Yeah, right!)

How about...?

Hubby: Kim! He's seventeen!

Me: But.... he's so pretty to look at.


Hubby: Umm...I don't think so.

Me: Are you sure?

Hubby: Yes. Yes, I'm sure. No Twilight boys.

Me: Okay. Fine. How about...?

Hubby: [Laughs hysterically] Good try, but NO!

Me: [Defeated sigh]

Me: FINE. Just get me these, then!

Hubby: [Now, not only does it look at me like I've lost my mind--he knows I've lost it]

Me: I know. They're super expensive.

But, I promise to wear them (once a year), and love them, and hold them, and take pictures of them EVERYDAY.


Hubby: [Shakes his head and walks out of the room--smirking]

(Possibly wondering which crazy house he should call first.)

Me: I won! YIPPEE!!!
(At least that's considered winning in my book.)

Me: [Shouting out to the other room] I'll go ahead and place the order NOW.

Hubby: Whatever!

Me: Merry Christmas to me.

[Now, I wait, eagerly, by the front door for a package from Mr. Louboutin.]


This post has been dramatized for comedic purposes.
No Twilight boys or boys of any other kind where harmed during the making of this post.

PS - I didn't really ask for Jacob or Edward for Christmas... I went ahead and placed an order for them. (I mean, who asks for people for Christmas, anyway? Well...I guess me, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.) They're set to arrive next week. Merry Christmas to me. Indeed. Feel free to drop by my house to visit with them. You're all invited.


  1. I'll be there to visit Edward and Jacob with a bottle of wine, some fruitcake and one seriously excited smile! :) Merry Christmas to us!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous plan to me!! : )

    And if they become too much to handle, we can share them out--one week at your house and then one week at mine.

    That's fair...right? LOL

  3. Well, I think they're all out. But, I suppose we could throw Emmett into the mix and then you, me, and Meg can share them on rotation. LOL. : )

    Would that work for everyone?

  4. Thanks for the follow, and good luck with the writing career! I'll try to post helpful tips as often as possible. Love your layout, by the way =)

  5. Thanks and Thanks! It's good to read thoughtful and helpful blog posts. Mine, most of the time, are silly and somewhat random--with a few helpful ones sprinkled in there every now and then (not recently, though...LOL).

    Good luck with your editing career.

    PS - I'm so jealous that you live in New York...I would love to live there or at least vacation there.

  6. That would definitely work for me! Although all that prettiness might get old after awhile!

    And I second Rachel's comment...your layout is awesome! Very creative and I'm jealous..I'm lacking in internet skills!

  7. Thanks--I like the layout, too. It still has some formatting issues, but I got it off some website. If I can find it I will let you know the link. It wasn't too hard to install.

    As for the prettiness, maybe we should have them bring along some of those ugly wigs they use in the movies...LOL. That might help. : )

  8. Shoes make everything better. I want the shoes too! They're so pretty.