Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Phlog

Hey guys!

Welcome to my very first Phlog. Yeah, I know. It's a made up word, but then again, so is Blog. And doesn't the word Phlog sound cool?

So, today, in lieu of a written post, I'm going to give you a holiday photo tour of the Gaylord Texan, which is possibly the coolest hotel in existence.

I hope you all enjoy all of the pretty pictures!!!

Welcome to the Gaylord Texan!!!

Let me just say: Where do I find one of those trees?
(Christmas tree made of wine bottles)

The Gaylord is made up a huge glass atrium. Kind of like a huge dome of glass. It's so pretty at night, especially when they have thousands of lights hung from the ceiling.
This is a building within a building. I just thought it looked pretty.

Beginning of the River Walk.
The inside of the atrium is fashioned as a replica of San Antonio, Texas.
Complete with Alamo and River Walk running throughout.

See. Very Alamo-esque.
Here is a Who house made of ice. The following are ice sculptures from the Grinch ice exhibit.

Mmmm. Those are some big Gingerbread Men!
And here is the biggest Gingerbread House I've ever seen.
Wondering if it's real?
Well, yes they both are.
So, technically you could eat the house, men, and candy that decorates them!

Such a pretty fountain.

I would hate to have to be the one to take the lights off of that tree!

And who wouldn't want one of these?
Any tree that has men in it is alright with me. Move over Ken, I'm comin' in!

The moon.

This was actually really cool because if you look really closely the camera caught some of the flickers from the falling stars.

And that ends my faublous holiday Phlog!
I hope you enjoyed.
Happy Holidays!!!


  1. Aww, I love San An! Thanks for sharing the Xmas pics.

  2. Oh wow! Very impressive!! Loved the Who ice sculptures!! Thanks for sharing your rockin phlog! Happy new year!

  3. OMG! I want to visit. Now. That looks spectactular! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kristan - Yeah, isn't San Antonio great! I haven't been in years. I really need to take a trip down there. So much fun to be had in that city!

  5. Carolina - I'm so glad you liked. The pictures turned out pretty good, but some of them...well, you just need to be there to experience the magic! : )

    Happy New Year!

  6. Chasing - You definitely should visit! The hotel is beautiful year round, but it is especially spectacular during the holidays. You should see the street entrance that you must drive thru to get to the's breathtakingly beautiful!

    It's a must see, if you ever come to Dallas.

    Happy New Year!

  7. I am loving your Phlog!!! Great photos! I especially love the wine tree (where do I get one?), ice sculptures (love the Grinch) and all the gorgeous lights...AND the river walk/San Antonio scenes. So cool! Haven't been there in ages...

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Kristi - I know! Isn't that wine tree so cool? And it looks even prettier in person.

    I would love to go to San Antonio for a quick trip. I haven't been in ages, either.

    Happy New Year!!!

  9. Oh my gosh, my kids would die to see those lights. So cool!

  10. Lisa and Laura - Oh yeah. The kids go crazy over all of those lights. : )