Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ideas & their Crazy Timing

Ever needed or felt like you needed to do this (in order to record a good idea)?

Thankfully, I've never been this desperate to find somewhere to scribble my ideas. But I've come close. Really, really close. (If I ever did get that desperate, I hope someone stops me. Immediately! Scrubbing marker off a window doesn't sound like fun, at all!)

I don't know about you, but my writing ideas usually come to me at weird times: watching a movie, lying in bed (my bedside notebook has saved me numerous 1 AM trips to the computer), or even a majority of the time, while I'm at work. But, oddly enough, most of my ideas come while I'm driving. Music inspires me (it's a must for me to write), and I guess there's just something about the open road that calms me enough to produce ideas. Lots and lots of ideas! This is a good thing.

However, trying to remember all of these ideas until I get home or somewhere to scribble them down is not a good thing! (I've even considered getting one of those tape recorders to record my thoughts while driving. But that would, undoubtedly, require me listen to them. And, I don't know about you, but I hate listening to my voice on tape. Weird? I know.) Maybe that's why the girl in the picture had to write on the window? Who knows?

So, what about you? What inspires your ideas? And, what's the craziest time an idea has hit you? (Again, I'm nosy. So, spill!)

I hope everyone has a great day! And, more importantly, I hope all of you get beat down with lots and lots of fabulous ideas!

PS- Just remember to bring the Windex wipes if you plan on writing on your car windows! : )


  1. I hate listening to my voice too, which is why I will never to a Vlog much as I like them :)

    My best ideas come when I'm driving, swimming, running and lately late at night when I'm feeding my son. I think I need to be slightly focused on something else but not completely absorbed (that sounds a little dangerous for driving doesn't it!)

    Have a great day too.

  2. How funny: I was JUST thinking about this! And was going to post on it. WEIRD.

    I too get a lot of my ideas while driving - maybe because I'm purposely thinking about my stories then, lol. Instead of a tape recorder, though, I just use the voice memo or sound recorder feature on my cell phone. And you know, I have only had to listen back to it once or twice. Most of the time, just the act of saying it aloud and recording it helps me remember it.

    And yes, that bedside notepad is key! Sometimes it's a little difficult to decipher my in-the-dark handwriting in the morning... but I manage. :P

  3. Alexa - I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates to listen to my own voice. : )

    I don't know why, but I can always come up with good ideas while I'm driving. And, like you said, it does sound a little dangerous. Opps! : )

  4. Kristan - What can I say? Great minds think alike! : )

    Maybe I'll try this method: voicing my story ideas out loud. Maybe it will help me remember, too.

    So, if you see a girl driving down the road, talking to herself, it's me! And, no, I'm not crazy--just working. At least, that's my excuse. : )

  5. My ideas come to me at any given time. Drake doesn't care what I am doing. Music inspires me too, so much!!!

    I hope the ideas keep coming for you. Forever!

  6. Dude, I get inspiration in the car too! I have a notebook in my purse and I'll write on my lap while I drive. I can hardly ever read it when I get home, but my son usually can. His handwriting looks like mine (when writing on my lap while driving) all the time!

    The shower is also a great place for me to get ideas. I don't write in there, though. ;-)

  7. My phone has a voice recorder on it. All of my best ideas come while I'm driving so I use it all the time!

  8. Soooo...I just had to grab a notebook out of my office last night in order to scribble some stuff down while in bed before I forgot and lost it all!!! Cracks me up...and I've also been tempted to buy one of those voice recorders for the same reason...things sound much better in my head than when I get them on paper...I lose something in translation. But I too hate the sound of my own voice. When I hear myself on other people (or even my own) answering machine I'm bothered that I actually sound like that. Weird. You are MOST DEFINITELY one of my people.

    Music and driving is definitely "it" for me and for some odd reason, reading books about writing makes me want to write more and inspires me in a really odd way. Lately all of my good ideas have come while reading books on the craft of writing! (which is why I ran for the notebook last night!)

    GREAT POST! Hope your day is going well!

  9. I have a IPAQ that I carry with me, (but any phone with voice recorder works to) and I speak my ideas into the recording device.

    Just a suggestion.


  10. Victoria - Thanks and same too you!

    Elana - LOL! Maybe you should get some of those shower crayons. You know, incase you get a idea while in the shower. : )

    Eva - Well, the consensus seems to be: driving in the car is when all great ideas come.

    Carpool, anyone?

  11. Kristi - Aww...thanks! I feel the same way when I hear my voice. It sounds so much better in my head. LOL. : )

    Hope lots of ideas come to you! And just remember: tomorrow is Friday! YAY! Have a good one.

    Ann - Thanks! Now that I think of it, I think my phone has a recorder too.

  12. LOL I usually just write on whatever paper is closest to me and stick it in my purse/pocket/book until I get home. I haven't scribbled much on anything but paper or notebooks, but it's an idea! I did have one night when I couldn't stop writing by hand... I mean could. not. stop. my hand hurt, my eyes burned, I was exhausted, but I still had to write. Ahh. :) I Hope you have a good day as well.

  13. Angie Kate - Don't you love when you just. Can't. Stop? I love when that happens, even though it's very rare. : )

    Have a great Friday!

  14. I'm still kicking myself for not writing down an idea I had at 3 AM last week. Totally forgot it by morning time. Blerg.

  15. Lisa and Laura - EWWW...I hate when that happens. Hopefully it will come back to you. Soon! : )

  16. I get lots of ideas while driving and while walking my dog! I scramble to write them down when I get home!

  17. Daisy - Yeah, that pretty much sounds like me. At least the scrambling part, anyway. : )