Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

I've always admired all of the brave souls out there who post on Teaser Tuesday. And, until now, I've never had the courage (*ahem* LIE...well, not really. I'm a wimp, but until recently I haven't had anything to post ) to share any of my writing.

But now, I have this shiny new WIP that I'm finally working on. I'm so excited about it, and I want to share a little piece of what I've got so far.

Let me forewarn you that this is my first draft, unedited, and most likely problem riddled version. (Sorry!) I hope you'll be kind, though. Because if not I might cry. Then I'll start writing all over the walls like the girl in the picture. My hubby will surely have me committed for doing so, and I'll be forced to take a trip to the nutty farm. And the worst part will be you won't get to read these wonderful blogs everyday, unless they allow blogging at the nut farm. But, you don't want to be responsible for that, right??? Right??? Hello???

So, here goes nothing. This is the opener for my YA novel. Currently titled: Static. But this changes on an hourly basis.

Hope you all enjoy or at least pretend to enjoy! : )


The eyes of far too many teenage girls clung to my every move as I walked down the hallway after school. My first thought—with the exception of, why in the hell is everyone staring at me? —was my skirt must be caught in my underwear. It was the only reasonable explanation I could come up with. I slid my hand around the bottom of my jean skirt and found it was in its place.
How embarrassing would that be? I thought, relieved.
The moment my hand fell, I spotted the empty candy wrapper plastered to the door of my locker with a mint green wad of gum. Immediately, I knew why everyone was staring. A nauseated ache crept from the pit of my stomach, knotting and twisting as it consumed every inch of my being. Flashing the entire junior class a glimpse of my daisy-covered panties would be the least of my worries—of this I was certain. There were only two words scribbled on the foil lining that smelled of sweet, creamy chocolate:
We’re over!
Stumbling away, mouth agape, I scrambled, searching for the nearest escape. Part of me would have liked to humor my selfish side; the side that prayed this note was meant for someone else. I knew better. The clumsy scrawl was undeniable. This note was meant for me. My lungs contracted, struggling to find air that the hallway suddenly became void of.
How could he do this to me?
Even in my dazed stupor, I felt my classmates’ prying gaze slowly ripping me apart, piece by jagged and broken piece. Tears threatened to surface. They stung as I forced them back. We were fine earlier today. No, not fine. We were great…weren’t we?
From what seemed like miles away, I heard Amethyst’s light voice floating down the crowded hallway, “Em! Where are you going? You left your bag in the middle of the…”
I tuned her out and barreled through the door. Blinding rays brushed across my body, instantly warming the murky depths of my frigid thoughts. I couldn’t go back. Not now. Maybe never.

Have a great day!!!


  1. A-M-A-ZING! I really would love to read more... I truly do love Teaser Tuesdays... and I feel so sorry for Em, I would have hated to have been humiliated like that!!!

    Keep it up, can't wait for more!

  2. Bravo! Nice beginning. Thanks for sharing it with us - that is SO very brave! I'd read on. ;-)

  3. Jen - Thanks! And, I know, right? Poor Em. Boys are just stupid. Period. : )

    Debra - You're so sweet, but why are you up so early? It's going to feel like forever before you can get on Twitter. Better go back to bed and wake up at noon. I'll go ahead and start searching for those Ashton Kutcher photos. : )

    Thank you both for the nice words. Maybe I won't start scribbling on the walls...for now. ; )

  4. Poor Em!!!

    No wall-scribbling required! Only typing! Give us more!

  5. Kristin - I guess not. To think I had the markers all ready too. What a waste. ;-)

    LOL. Thanks. You guys are really too sweet.

  6. Ahhh, poor girl! What a great intro, and what a sad situation. I hope you'll post more! I want to find out what happens. Great job, and way to be brave! :D

  7. Ooh, I like it! Poor girl. It's bad enough to be dumped, but like that? And not even see it coming? Big ouch.

    Will you post next week, too?? I hope so!

  8. You tease you! I was actually hoping the rest of the story was hiding within the comments that followed...but not so. Next Tuesday, you'd better deliver. Yes, this is a threat.

  9. I love the teaser! I'd definitely read on. So cruel, and you got the emotions right. :)

  10. It's good. Really good. I don't read YA fiction much but over the last year, have read two. This is a great opening, one that many readers can relate to.

    I understand how you feel about baring your soul when you post your writing for the first time. But, no worries. I loved it.


  11. Yay for teasers! We'll be expecting more.

  12. I totally LOVED this! And your voice is all over it which is very very cool because it is a style I love and you should be proud of.

    Wow! Teaser Tuesdays are suddenly becoming my most favorite day of the week!!!

  13. Kristan - Thanks! Don't worry though, Em won't be sad forever...

    JenE - I don't know if I'm brave enough to post next week, but we shall see. (I'm kind of wimpy that way.) : )

    Jon - Mauhaaahahhahaaha. Yes, I'm evil like that. Isn't that the point of Teaser Tuesday??? LOL. : )

  14. Elana - Didn't we all feel like this at some point during high school? You know the world was going to end when your boyfriend breaks up with you and you'll surely die. LOL.

    Oh, I'm so glad I'm not in high school anymore. But so happy my characters are. It's just more fun that way. : )

    Ann - I put it all out there an I lived. YAY. No nutty farm for me.
    : )

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Mariah - Thanks!!!

  15. Kristi - You're so sweet. Is it really a good thing you can hear my voice??? LOL. j/k

    Thanks Kristi!

    Eva - You want more of Static (or whatever name my story will be a few minutes from now). I want more of Broken. We're never happy are we? : )

  16. Hi Kimberly~ First, it's great to meet you, and thanks for following me! I signed myself up chez-vous as well:)

    You have a great opening scene in your Tues. Teazer. The narrative voice is strong and I felt immediate sympathy for Em. I also liked that I learned the narrator's name right away. It's so much harder to visualize a first person narrator who keeps calling herself "I"; no matter how much characterization is included.

    Snaps to you, all around, and best of luck as the project developes!

  17. Oh man, now I really want some chocolate. This break up is even worse than Burger breaking up with Carrie via post it note! Too fun.

  18. Nicole - Thanks so much! It's so hard to judge your own work.

    Oh, and I love the 'snaps', they are great!

    Happy Tuesday!

  19. Daisy - Thanks! : )

    Lisa and Laura - OMG. That is one of my fav. scenes.

    Poor Carrie, she looks at the cops with puppy dog eyes and holds her little break up post it to the window. So sad.

    I loved that scene and it inspired my break up scene. LOL. I just needed something to top post it. : )

  20. Thanks guys! You all are wonderful!

    I official love Teaser Tuesdays!!! : )

  21. It is scary putting yourself out there for the first time. I think you did very well. :) Are you going to do other installments? Nice start!

  22. That was great! Thank you for sharing. I'd definitely keep reading.

  23. Sharon - Thanks! And I hope to do more, just don't know when it will be. : )

    Susan - That makes me so happy! Thanks for stopping by. : )