Friday, February 5, 2010

Seriously Funny!

Today is Friday and we all know what that means...

Seriously? After all these weeks, you mean to tell me you have no idea what Friday means on my blog?

Friday = Hi Larious video day or better known as Movie Day. Duh!

Must I spell it out for you? Well, I guess in this case, it is kind of necessary to spell it out but you get my point.

Wait, wait, wait! Before you watch the make you want to pee your pants Hi Larious video I've found for you today, I thought I would give a little writerly info.

Or, in this case, I'm going to let Daisy Whitney give a little writerly info, since, you know, this is a blog about being a writer and all.

First up, Daisy's video: Young Adult Authors Embrace Online Video

Isn't she great!?

Okay, now, back to our regularly scheduled Movie Day.



LOL...seriously, WTF?? I love Movie Day!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Hahaha! I still love my WTF blanket!!!

  2. LMAO!!!! I have never laughed so hard!!! I watched it a minute ago and a few people from the office was wondering what I was laughing about, so I had to show it to them too!!!

  3. ROFL!! Too funny!
    ....Okay...(shhh, don't tell anyone)...but I got a WTF-blanket as a gag gift at Christmas...and (*swallows past the knot in her throat*)...(*breathes deep*)...I love it. I'm so embarrassed! I need help! Is there a therapist in the house??

  4. Omg that was great! XD Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty new to your blog but I can tell that I'm gonna like Fridays. XD

  5. I love this. And there's another one about the "Bluggie" - the Snuggie with bling - that is hilarious, too:

  6. Is it just me, or does the woman with the book light look like Arizona from Grey's Anatomy?

  7. Hey, hey, ho, ho, don't be knockin' The Snuggie. I still want one! LOL!

  8. omg that's hilarious!!! Yeah those snuggies are hilarious. I mean... it's a bathrobe worn in front of you (And it actually looks about 1/16 of the thickness of my bathrobe). I've been doing that for YEARS. Who knew I could have been a millionaire!!!?!

  9. Summer - LOL! Now you have a new name for it. ; )

    Jen - My hubby was laughing so hard last night he was crying. This video is seriously funny!

    Nicole - LOL! It's okay. We all have one crazy thing we love, right???

    Gavin - Good! I hope to see you back here next Friday or I might just have to come hunt you down. (j/k... of course.) LOL! ; )

  10. Meghan - I am so checking out that link right now! Thanks! : )

    Mariah - OMG. She so kind of does. Good eye. I guess the WTF blanket works for some people. LOL. : )

    Jennifer - Shhh... don't tell, but I use my moms whenever I go to her house. I love them! : )

    Kristin - Dang! You could have been a bazillionaire. Just think you were soooo close. : )

  11. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG...I have not seen anything this funny in ages. OMG!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! It's the best. Oh my word, how I adore your Film Fridays (and Daisy's video was pretty cool, too. Though admittedly, not quite as insanely hilarious).

  12. I am dead. I am dead from laughing too hard. That was so funny Kim!!!! You are awesome.

    WTF... they took our book name :)

  13. That's hilarious! BTW, thanks for the follow too!

    My word verification is "tucta." I hereby declare tucta to be the name of a condition where you can't stand to be seen not wearing the WTF blanket.

  14. Carol - I'm so glad you liked both videos! Daisy is the best and the WTF Blanket... well, it's a classic!

    Eva - I'm calling my lawyer right now. Those book name stealing thiefs! ; )

    Jon Paul - LOL! Tucta... you just can't make that stuff up! : )

  15. HAHAHa! Thanks for sharing. Love it :D

  16. Ok, my son totally walked in on me watching that video! I felt like I was caught watching porn! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHa
    I'm still laughing and now I'm going to twitter it and facebook it and digg it and all that...

    AND--You have an award on today's award post at my blog! :)


  17. Oh how I love finding other crazy writers such as myself! You don't even know. The greatest part about finding you is that I live in Keller. Wild.
    I just started this blogging thing this week. I'm glad I just crawled out from under a rock and into thish world because if I had found this sooner, I would have never finished my YA MS.
    I shall be another faithful stalker, ahem, I mean follower of yours. :)

  18. The Little Flower - Thanks for watching!

    Michele - LOL! You crack me up. : )

    Tiffany - OMG.. that is so wild. I live in Watauga. What a small world!

    It's was probably a blessing in disguise. Blogging is addicting. So vyer addicting.

    And stalkers (umm... I mean, followers) are great!!! : )

  19. You crack ME up! I included this post on my blog today. Have a great Sunday!


  20. Aurora - Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you liked it. : )

    Michele - LOL! You're the sweetest! ; )

  21. Hhahaha I love that WTF blanket commercial! It's definitely perfect for Hi Larious video day :)

  22. Hi Kimberly! Thanks so much for hopping over to my blog. I'm following yoouuuuu... lol. The more, the merrier!

    Your video cracked me up! Everyone else in the house is sleeping so I had to try not to laugh too loud! ;)

    Yeah, I'm Team Peeta too! ;)