Friday, March 12, 2010

And the Winner Is....

Hi guys! I've missed you! And I think you all know what today is, right???

Yep! Today's the day I announce the winner of the Hush, Hush contest! YAY!

But, before I announce the winner, I want to share a little something with you all. This little something totally made my day! Not to mention, made me smile and go skipping into the house like a tween who just received her official Robert Pattinson fan club card (not that I would know from personal experience or anything) in the mail.

Wait! Do they have those??? If so, where do I sign up???

When I went to the mail box yesterday afternoon, here is what I found.

A package from the lovely and very talented Kristi!
Now, seeing this alone would make me smile all day, because, I mean, who doesn't love to get packages?? Unless... it's a package full of rocks or something.
But, I don't know, that might still be cool?!

Want to see what's inside??? I know you do!

CANDY! Does it get any better than that??? Umm... NO!
And gum (Kristi, are you trying to tell me something??)!
And, like, the coolest pen ever!

But wait, there's more...

My package also included Twilight buttons!!! This little surprise really made me smile, as I'm sure it would for anyone who had an entire room devoted to Twilight merch.
(And yes, that someone is me. I have an entire room devoted to everything Twilight. So stop laughing and get over it! Hehe.)
Kristi claims she tried to fit Robert Pattinson, himself, in the package.
But she says, "He just wouldn't fit."
HA! I think she's lying. She just wanted to keep him all to herself.
Gosh! She is so selfish!! ; )

And next...

This lovely package not only included one copy of Kristi's fabulous book, The Wolf Within, but TWO! Yes people, you heard right!

TWO books made of pure awesomeness were in this package!!!

And one of these books was even customized just for me. Little ole me!
Or, rather, to Your Kimness (pst... that's ME! But shhh... we like to keep that name on the DL.)

And that right there would have been enough, but NOOOOO!
My good friend, Kristi, is just that awesome!!

Inside this package filled with CANDY (yummo),
buttons (which I will so be wearing when I attend the Midnight showing of Eclipse),
and not ONE but TWO of the best books ever, was something else.

Something so cool I actually screamed when I saw it for the first time.

I think if you read that little picture below you will see what I'm talking about.

Go ahead, I'll wait.......
Did you see it? Did you see my name???
That's right, people. I'm officially in PRINT!

It would appear my subliminal messages to Kristi worked.
[Kristi you love me and want to put me in your book. This is not a subliminal message, but what you're actually thinking. Now get busy sending me packages full of CANDY and Twilight stuff.]
Who knew it would actually work?? [Muahahahahaha]
Thank you so much, Kristi! You are quite possibly the sweetest person ever and I'm so happy you are my friend [Kim is your bestest friend EVER. Don't forget it!]! Now give this lady a round of applause, because she ROCKS! And, for putting up with me, she truly deserves it! YAY!

[Go buy Kristi's book, The Wolf Within, NOW!!!!]

Okay, now to announce the winner of the Hush, Hush contest! I'm relying on a random name picker (that looks like a slot machine... so much fun) to choose a winner for me. Because you all know how I am with picking winners, right??? LOL.

If it were up to me, everyone would win. But, everyone can't win. That's not how these contests work. DUH!

Oooooo....ahhhhh. So very pretty, isn't it?!
And the WINNER is....
Congrats to Debra! Luck was on her side today. Maybe she should go play the lottery! If you could please e-mail me at with your shipping information I'll get the swoon-worthy Patch to you right away!!
Before I leave, I want to thank everyone for participating.
I couldn't do this without all of you, my blog buddies!
Have a great weekend, everyone!
And I have another contest (drool-worthy for sure) coming soon!!!
Be excited! Very, very excited!!


  1. I'm glad you liked the link I sent you. How many times have you watched it. I am jealous of your buttons :) I have already added that book to my list and congrats on being in print.
    Congrats to Debra--I think you will become a Patch fan when you are finished.
    Have a great weekend:)

  2. How my gosh how super cool that you made it into the book!!! How flippin special!!!! Congratulations! How awesome to get two copies as well! Look at you!

    Everyone here knows your fabulous now the whole world will!!!! Way to go to Kristin as well!!

  3. Wow, what an amazing gift. I love it when you find your name in print. It's the best feeling in the world.


  4. Kim - I think reading your post was *almost* as fun as putting the package together!!! Okay, it was WAY BETTER than putting your package together...I loved it! Although I have to admit, both were quite fun. I love surprises.

    And who knew your subliminal messages worked so well? LOL. You are a master!

    I'm DEFINITELY buying Hush, Hush this weekend!!! I have to see what this Patch thing is all about!

  5. Christine - Oh I did, Christine. I loved it. Probably way, way, way too much! ; )

    And thanks for adding. I have two copies I will be giving away in a week or two... so.... YAY for contests!!

    (I'm addicted to contests now and have like...umm...3 more planned. LOL. Now I just have to find time to do them all.)

  6. Jen - You are so freakin' sweet! Did you know that?? Thanks! One day (crossing fingers) I'll have my own book to put all of you in. I can't wait! ; )

  7. Ann - It sure is! I stare at it constantly. And, I'm pretty sure all of my friends are tired of hearing about it. LOL. I just can't help myself. : )

  8. Kristi - LOL! You are so fun! I love surprises too! And you are the best! I can't wait til you come to visit so you, me, and Kristin can all go shoe shopping! YAY! It's gonna be fun!!! (Muahahahahha) ; )

    Thanks again, Kristi! I've said it once, but I'll say it again. Sometimes I think, without you and Kristin I would be one insane lady right now!

    I can't wait to hear what you think about Patch....sigh.

  9. That is the best thing I have ever seen! WHat a great day for you!!!

  10. Cleverly Inked - Thanks! It really is. I'm sorry I just had to brag. LOL. Shoot me. : )

  11. HOW COOL!!! Kristi is so sweet!

    And congrats to Debra!!

  12. Lots of fun stuff going on here. How great that was getting that package in the mail, very sweet! And congrats to Debra ...

    Have a nice weekend!

  13. Jennifer - Yes she is. Too sweet! I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Joanne - Getting any package in the mail is always fun. Or, maybe, I'm just weird. LOL.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Kimberly, you are so great! Your blog is a bright spot in my day. Congratulations on the shout out in the book and all the wonderful loot. You are a lucky girl! Have the best weekend, and do something fun you can post about later.

  16. Roxy - Awww.... you are way too sweet! I plan to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend and do some spring cleaning... doesn't that sound like fun?! LOL. ; )

    Have a great weekend!!!

  17. Blogger seems to want to make me hate you, Kim. ): It keeps saying that your blog doesn't exist whenever I go click on it. So I apologize for just disappearing on you.

    Anyways....congrats on your present from Kristi. XD I can imagine how excited you must have been.

    And congrats to Debra on winning. (:

  18. That's so exciting! Yay to all those sweet deserve them!

    Congratulations to Debra!


  19. Kim, that is soooooo awesome!!! I just got my signed The Wolf Within yesteday! I'm totally blogging about it, too :) What a fab package. And OMG, that message and your name in print...Kristi is just amazing. I can see why you are over the moon. I <3 <3 <3 Kristi! (and you!)

    Congrats to Debra!

  20. Gavin - Is Blogger trying to cause a fight?! I think we should team up and beat Blogger up! But, seriously, no worries. ; )

    Thanks! And, actually the first time I saw that page was when I was at work. I had to hold in the screaming tween that was about to burst out of me when I saw it. LOL! That would have been embarassing.

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Chasing - Thanks! ::blushing::

    Carol - YAY! I'm half-way through my copy now. It's a fab story! Kristi is the bestest! : D

    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  22. That is one of the coolest packages ever! Way cool.

    Congrats to Debra! :-)

  23. That is SOOOOO COOOL!! Kristi ROCKS! You ROCK! And now Debra ROCKS!! What a great end to the week.

  24. Candy! Will you share? I love those things! Sounds like your day was made, she's the best. And yay for the winner!

  25. That package must have put a big smile on your face! How wonderful to have a mention in the book and candy in the stomach, and Edward on your shirt :)!
    Congrats to Debra too!

  26. Shannon - YES, it is! Have a great weekend!!

    DL - You always make me laugh! And yes, great end to a HORRIBLE week. : )

    Eva - Of course I will share! I only ever eat the red ones, anyway. LOL!

    Ashley - Thanks!!

    Kelly - I think you said it all right there!!! : D

    Have a great weekend!!

  27. Congrats to Debra! And hooray for you for getting such a fun package and making it into the book! If only she could have fit Robert in there, too...

  28. Susan - I know, right? That would have been so awesome if she could have just stuffed Robert in there. Maybe next time she needs to just buy a bigger box. LOL!

    Have a great weekend!