Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Award day! YAY!

It appears that like many of you, I too have been hoarding all of my lovely blog awards. But.... I'm about to change that.

Over the next two weeks I will pay forward some of my millions (five, to be exact) of blog awards to all of my blog buddies in the blogosphere (I so love that word! Even though my computer likes to tell me it isn't a word! Ha! What does my computer know?)!!

You should be excited right now! Very, very excited!

And here we go!

I received this awesome award from the very lovely and talented Summer. And, I absolutely love it! It gives me the warm and fuzzies. Thanks Summer! Be sure to check her blog out! She is super smart, a talented writer, and very, very funny!!!

Anywho, there are no special rules for this award--except that you must pay it forward.

That's easy enough, right?! (Ummm... no! I consider all of you my blog buddies, so making choices like this is so. incredibly. HARD! And if I could, I would give the award to everyone! But I can't...) So I am going to limit myself to ten (the first number I thought of) winners (otherwise I would be here all day typing out every single one of your blog addresses. And... I don't have time for that! You know, because I'm busy writing (Tweeting or YouTubing)!)

And the winners are:

And the last award for the day is The Circle of Friends Award, given to me by one of my new besties, Kristin.

Kristin is great! I literally talk with her (and Kristi) ALL DAY LONG! And we always talk about important things, you know? Like.... World Peace and Global Warming (Haha! If you believe that then you're crazier than I am!!) Sometimes I think (or know) that chatting with these lovely ladies is probably the only way I make it through my workday in one piece, while maintaining a sliver (very, very tiny sliver) of sanity (stop laughing!)!

So, in honor of The Circle of Friends Award, I'm going to award this award (how many times can I say award in one sentence? Any guesses??) to some of my newest besties.

I talk to these ladies at least once (or a hundred times) a day and truthfully they deserve all the awards for putting up with me. I don't know how I ever made it without them! Really, I don't?!

And the award goes to.....

Kristin at Kristin Creative
(Yes, Kristin gave me this award, but HUSH! It's my award and I'm giving it back to her!!)

Congrats to all the WINNERS!

And if you haven't checked out these blogs by now... well, shame on you! You just don't know what you're missing!

I'll be back next week with two more of my millions (a whopping total of FIVE) awards to give away! I know, I know. You're probably hopping up and down in your seats with excitement, aren't you?

Have a great day!!!!


  1. Aw, thank you, thank you!

    And congrats on getting the awards yourself! Your blog is fantastic!

  2. Aw thanks Kimberly I love awards!!! Congrats on receiving them!

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Congrats to all the people that got awards. :)

    Gavin and Eva you so deserved it. :)

  4. Congrats on your awards and thanks blogging buddy:)

  5. Congrats to you and your fellow nominees on the Awards ... I'm raising my coffee cup in a toast to all :)

  6. Congrats on the friendly awards!! :)

  7. Just so you know, your comment made my head swell so big that I now can't leave my office.

    But I'm okay with that. ;-)

  8. Thank you so much! I will use it wisely, after staring at it for ten hours straight.

  9. Awww thanks!! LOL, now I have something else to create a crazy post with!

    oooh -also- I may have perhaps bought New Moon yesterday on it's first UK release day *dances* yeah, I know that sounds sad but I think you'll understand me when I say that I needed me some Edcob (Edward+Jacob.... I was going to write Jedward but I gather that's already taken as a nickname. Oh wait, I could have written Jaward, hmm..) PLUS the case totally smells of NEW BOOK, which is only one of the best smells this side of the moon! Honestly, I nearly fainted with happiness when I realised that... Ahem, sorry but I just had to share :P

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. I think your close to being named the Blog Award Queen. YAY for you and a exuberant CONGRATS to your recipients! I follow each and every one of you!!

  11. To Everyone - Seriously, I think of all of you as my blogging buddies! That's why I hate these awards because it makes me choose a limited few (ha!) as winners and it makes me : (

    Anyway, I hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday!

  12. Thank you SO much for passing on this award to me!

    Congratulations to you on your much deserved million awards! I really enjoy your blog and your posts always brighten my day. Thank you!

  13. Kat - YOu're too kind! Congrats!!

    Jen - Thanks! Happy Tuesday!!

    Bernadine - Thanks! And you are so right about Eva and Gavin! : )

    Christine - You're so welcome, BB (blog buddy...lol)! : )

    Joanne & Kelly - Thanks! Happy Tuesday!!

    Summer - Aw, you're so sweet! And everything I said was true. : )

  14. Ann - I hope you have a great day! Thanks a million. : )

    Amy - Ha-ha! Stare away! You deserve it. : )

    Mia - LOLOLOLOL! Congrats on your awward! I love, love, love that you are just excited about Twilight as I am. Now I'm not the only crazy one in this bunch. HAHA!

    And I think Jedward is my fav. combo! : ) Have fun watching New Moon... over and over and over........: )

  15. Ashley - Thanks! Have a great day!

    DL - You know what, after yesterday I kind of felt like the Blog Award Queen. So, since you brought it up, what do I get for being Blog Award Queen?!?!??? LOL.

    Thanks DL!! : )

    Chasing the Moon - Aw, I'm blushing over here. I'm glad my random silliness serves a purpose. : ) Congrats!

  16. Congrats and thanks. (:

  17. Congrats on the awards, Kimberly. :-)

  18. And having given all those awards away, it seems you might need one given to you. Sooooo--
    I've nominated you for the Creative Writer award! (cheering fans in background)
    Stop by my blog to pick it up!

  19. Congrats on your awards and thank you for mine. :)

  20. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! (right now I am bowing and throwing kisses. I have to practice for my Oscar that I know I will receive one day.)

    You are soooo my total blogger buddy!

  21. Gavin - You're so welcome! : )

    Shannon - Thanks! Have a great day!!

    Merissa - You're the best!!

    Sarahjayne - Happy Tuesday!! : )

    Marsha - LOL! When you win your Oscar, all I ask is,PLEASE LET ME COME WITH YOU!!! PLEASE.....

    Okay, begging over, my fellow blog buddy. : )

  22. Yay!!! to you and all the winners! :-)

  23. You are the best! And I don't know what I would do without talking to you a million times a day :)

  24. Eva - That's why I love you so much--you never tire of my wackiness! : )

  25. Susan - Thanks! I hope you have a great night!!


    Seriously...what kind of a Bestie am I??? Apparently the lazy kind. :-)

    I wouldn't make it through my day without our emails and you are too sweet with your post! Meeting you guys has been the highlight of my blogging day...wait...did that sound desperate? I was going for sweet...hmmmm....

    Ok, I'll quit rambling now and get back to work...I have internet surfing...I mean, work to do. *wink, wink*

  27. Kristi - Haha! You, work?? Are you feeling okay??? ; )