Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Funny Break!

So I've been planning on taking a little blogging break for awhile now, you know, to do important things like writing (or, if I'm being truthful, scanning the netz lookin' for hot boy pics and YouTubin').

But seriously, my muse has smacked me over the head and is holding me hostage right now, so I must comply with her demands. (Help me!)

So, today's post is going to be really short. Like super short! Which is nice sometimes, don't you think?

Mainly, I wanted to share this funny picture I found the other day! Hehe... so funny. I like to think of it as a blogging PSA (or BSA--Blogging Service Announcement)!

LOL! If that guy's expression doesn't make you giggle then the words below will. Hehe.

Have a great week!

And don't forget to enter for you chance to win
an autographed copy of Kristi's fab book
The Wolf Within.

(FYI: I noticed that Blogger was erasing my comments yesterday on this post (figures), so if you already entered you may want to check and make sure your comment actually went through. Otherwise I won't know you entered and you won't be able to win. :( LOL. Don't you just love Blogger?!)

I'm going to miss you all, but I'll be back on Monday (and I'll still be lurking around all of your blogs, commenting away. Haha... you can't get rid of me that easy!)!


  1. Hi Kimberley

    You should enjoy your little break. I think the picture is funny too. :)

    "Now you can show the whole world why no one listens to you" Yeah right go figure...

    You should have a nice week too. :)

  2. I WILL MISS YOU!!! However I completely understand when the Muse is working in full force, best not to upset her!

    Try and enjoy the gorgeous weather! Spring has arrived and its amazing! I wish I could soak up the rays while at work but I'll be stuck in a building with no windows!

  3. Have a great break:)) I wanted you to know I received your package in the mail yesterday! Love the buttons, and I'm wrestling my daughter for the candy... Thanks!!

  4. Awww, we will miss you! But enjoy your break and gets lots of work done!

    I'm going to go recheck that contest entry. All of Google, especially my Gmail and Blogger, has been really crazy the last couple days.

  5. You know I will miss you lots.:) I will re check my entry. Keep looking for hot boys though. Good luck with your writing. I hope you gets lots done.

  6. LOL - love that picture! You'll be missed, but I'm glad your muse has grabbed hold of you - that's a wonderful thing! I'm going to go recheck my contest entry.

  7. That picture is HILONKULOUS!LOL!

    I hope you have an awesome break and it's great your muse has taken you hostage but don't let her beat you up too much ok? And, like, don't let her convince you that you don't ned food and/or sleep. My one does that sometimes AND IT'S NOT FUNNY, ABBIGAIL, YOU HEAR?

    See you Monday, we'll miss you too!

  8. Definitely take advantage of that active muse ... Enjoy your blog break, and write on!

  9. Crap, I was wondering why no one was listening to me.


  10. That's pretty funny. Enjoy your break! (Share the hot boy pics and funny videos) Erm... tell your muse hi! :D

  11. That picture is hilarious! Enjoy your break, I like how your muse smacks you over the head. :)

  12. Hey girl!

    That picture was seriously classic...LOVED IT!

    Enjoy the blogger break!

  13. Lol! Love that. I've seen one that says, "BLOGGING. Never has someone said so much to so little." Or something like that. It's at and is hilarious!

  14. Oh, and have a great break with the Muse. :)

  15. I completely understand! Blogging can really suck away the time...but its so much fun!

    I have an award for you over at my blog so please stop by when you have time.

  16. Have a great week! Love the photo.

    Looking forward to your return.

  17. Hey...where did they get that picture of me!! J/K :)

    Take all the time that you need. We'll try not to mess things up while your gone. *Grin*

  18. Enjoy your break. :) We'll see you when you get back.

  19. Lol, when the muse talks you must listen!

    Good luck with your blogging break and see ya when you get back:)

  20. Bernadine - Thanks! I hope you have a great week!

    Jen - Luckily, my office is nothing but windows. The only thing that sucks is when it's hot outside, it's usually scorching in my office. :(

    Nicole - LOL! Yay! Enjoy. :)

    Summer - It sure has been. It really needs to get its act together! LOL. Have a great week!!

    Christine - I knew you wouldn't let me forget about the important stuff--the hot boys. LOL. I'll be sure to get lots of work done! Hehe. :)

  21. Susan - I'm glad she has too. Thanks and good luck!!

    Mia - LOL. You always make me laugh. I'll try to remember to eat. But I know what you mean, sometimes our muses get a little too bossy!

    Joanne - Thanks!!

    Ann - I was wondering why no one was listening to me too. LOL. You're funny!!

    Caledonia - I'll be sure to do that. No one can pass up a good hot boy pic, right?! :)

    Crystal - She can be rather mean sometimes, but sometimes she is sweet and brings me chocolate. Sometimes. :)

    Kristi - Thanks!! TTYL!

    Elana - I'm going to try and find that picture now. LOL. It sounds hilarious! Have a great week!!

  22. Marsha - An award? For me? Little ol' me??? How sweet are you?! :)

    Talli - Thanks! Have a great week!!!

    DL - Er... I don't like the sound of that. And that mischievous grin. You better behave! LOL. Have a great week!

    Sarahjayne - Thanks! See you soon. :)

    Melissa - Yes, you must! Thanks and have a great week!

  23. Noooooo! Don't leave us! Oh, well, I guess you have a pretty good reason...but I miss you already! :-)

  24. Oh wow... lmao! definitely had myself a little giggle!! From the picture as well as the quote underneath! You will be missed but enjoy your break!!

  25. Enjoy your break and work on that wonderful new novel so I can read it :)

  26. Have a great blogging break! We all need them from time to time.

  27. Lol! That blogging pic is funny! I'm all for taking a break-- if your muse is demanding attention, you better comply! Who knows what you can accomplish? See you next week!

  28. Haha!! That guy looks like an ex-boyfriend of mine. Nice.

    Keep working that muse, girlie! So glad to hear you're writing's on fire.

  29. Loved the picture!
    As we say down this way, "I cacked myself laughing."

  30. Love the blog poster -- which is a warning to all of us to try and be entertaining and helpful.

    Good fortune with your writing. I found your site through blog-surfing. Come check out my site if you can squeeze in the time :

    Have only happy surprises this week, Roland

  31. Hope your break has been a good one! Happy Easter. ;)

  32. Happy writing! That picture is hilarious!

  33. Love the poster - picture and caption!