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Hush, Hush... It's an Interview & a Giveaway!!!

Do you see that lady over there to the left? Know who she is?? Of course you do! I mean, it's Becca Fitzpatrick for goodness sakes!

Well guess what? The other day, I got to interview this lovely lady (cue Kim got to interview Becca, coolest author in the world, envy now), author of Hush, Hush (and creator of the oh so dreamy Patch... sigh), and ask her some very important, serious, non-boy related question (HA!).
I know you guys are practically jumping up and down like giddy school girls and boys right now, so I won't prolong this any longer.

Cue Awesome Author Interview now!

Let me get right to the important stuff. Your cover. I'm in love with it! The first time you saw it, what did you do?

Mmmmm.... Patch. Oh la la...

I screamed! I think that says it all. : )

Oh yes, Becca, it sure does. I think I screamed and it's not even my book cover.

This is kind of embarrassing, but I'll go ahead and admit it. I have a crush on Patch, and that model on your cover (Drew Doyon) is... well, he's definitely Patch. Did you get to meet him?

I didn't get the chance to meet him before the photo shoot for Hush, Hush's cover... but I did meet him last week! He lives in Long Beach, California, and surprised me by coming to one of my events when I was on tour last week. How cool is that? He's actually a very genuine, funny and sweet guy.
Oh my, you are so very lucky!!! What was it like meeting Patch in the flesh??

I blushed. A lot. He was really cute and... toned.

Mmmmm... Ahem. Okay, sorry for that. You know how I love my boys. But before we move on, we must pay homage to this lovely cover once more!

Drool... so very pretty! Marry me, Patch!

Moving on. I'm very bad at coming up with book titles. And, every time I see a fabulous title like Hush, Hush, I can't help but to pout a little before wishing I would have come up with something as clever. How did you come up with such a cool title?

I was looking in the dictionary, of all places, for a word that meant "covert" or "concealed." Eventually I stumbled across the word "hush." The definition of "hush" is "to keep concealed." I thought it was a perfect description of Patch and Nora's relationship in this book--after all, he's keeping quite a few things from her!

He is definitely mysterious, but I like my boys bad.

So was Patch one of your favorite characters to write?

Vee's character was inspired by two of my childhood friends, so I always get nostalgic while writing her character. But Patch is a lot of fun, too. His lines are so great! Where does he come up with this stuff? Oh, wait. Me...

Hehe... you're so funny. In the sequel, Crescendo, is Vee still your favorite character to write?

Vee grows a lot in Crescendo. She's still lovingly obnoxious, but she's more mature and her humor reflects that. I appreciate Patch's character quite a bit more, too. I go a little deeper in Crescendo, and readers will get to see a side of him that isn't just about innuendos and sexy charm.

So, if Vee and Patch are your favorite characters to write, do you have a favorite scene in Hush, Hush that you just loved writing? (My favorites all include Patch! What a shock, I know.)

Oh, wow, it changes often. I really enjoyed writing the scene where Patch and Nora ride the Archangel for the first time. All of the kissing scenes were a lot of fun, too. Whenever I'm bored, I write a kissing scene, even if it doesn't end up in the story. Sometimes a girl just needs a kissing scene, you know?

Okay Becca, are you sure your not like my long lost sister or something? You can never underestimate the importance of kissing scenes! I swear they hold magical powers.

I'm sure every author has scenes they don't look forward to writing. Do you have any of those?

The hardest scenes for me to write are always the emotionally charged scenes. My editor is always saying, "Dig deeper! What are they really feeling?" I like to keep things light and fun. I tend to shy away from emotionally taxing scenes, because they always make me uncomfortable. I'm a peacemaker. I don't like conflict and tension, which are essential in a book!
And querying... I cringe at the word. Scary stuff. I'm curious, how many drafts of Hush, Hush did you write (obsess over) before you knew it was ready to query?

Well, I was dumb and queried after I had three chapters finished. I didn't know much about the industry. I figured if a publisher liked the beginning of my book, they'd probably like the ending too. Even if that ending wasn't written yet. I'm hardly a model of good querying. I will say, however, that it took me five years from the first time I queried and agent, to actually signing with one.

Did you ever get discouraged?

Haha... yes. Some rejections hurt so much that I would spend the night crying in the bathroom. But then I picked myself up and kept at it. Persistence is key in this field!

So Becca, do you have any wise, authorly wisdom or suggestions for us lowly aspiring authors? : )

I always suggest writing in a journal daily. You never know when an experience from your own life will inspire a story. I think most of us are more interesting than we think!

Can you reveal any deep, dark secrets about Crescendo? I promise, we'll keep it on the Hush, Hush.

Love it!

Thanks! It only took me four hours to come up with that! ; )

Well, in Crescendo readers will find out what really happened the night Nora's dad was murdered. Let's just say he was living a secret life... one with ties to Patch. The book is deeper and darker. I think I have a few plot twists coming that readers won't be expecting. At least, that's the plan!

Oh... I can hardly wait! Are there any love triangles headed our way?

No love triangles. I think love triangles serve a purpose when an author wants readers to believe Boy and Girl might not really end up together. Will Girl stick with Boy, or will she fall for New Boy?

The thing is, in Crescendo, I think the broiling tension between Patch and Nora is enough without throwing another love interest into the mix. Actually, as soon as I wrote that, I realized yes, there is a love triangle. But not in the way readers will probably expect. How's that for keeping you on your toes!

It certainly does. Way to go! : D

Has a release date been set for Crescendo?

Not yet. I should have something soonish. : )

(Becca announced on just a couple of days ago that the official release date for Crescendo is November 16, 2010.)

I know I have taken up a lot of your time, but just one more think before you go.

It's time for the flash round. I ask the questions and you answer back with one word in one second. I'm just going to assume you're up for the challenge, you know, because you're just cool like that!

Here we go...

What's playing on your iPod right now? The Rolling Stones - "Beast of Burden."

Favorite place to write? My study.

Snacks: salty or sweet? Sweet!

Mac or PC? Doesn't matter. I'm flexible.

What's the one food you couldn't live without? Ice cream.

Say you met a genie and he agreed to let you bring to life one character from any book, who would it be? Chauncey Langeais.

I want to than Becca for being such a doll and taking the time to answer my pressing questions (haha!).

Be sure to pick up your copy of Hush, Hush today!

Now, for the Hush, Hush book giveaway! Since I just decided to give away a copy of the fabulous Hush, Hush on a whim, this isn't going to be the most elaborate contest.

Here are the rules:

1) You must be a follower of my blog.

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3) Receive one extra entry for tweeting, facebooking, and/or blogging about the Hush, Hush giveaway and my interview with Becca Fitzpatrick.

See how easy that is! Now get busy, and be sure to let me know if you do anything to get extra points.

All entries must be in by Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 11:59 PM CST. And I will announce the winner on Friday!

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Have fun! And good luck to everyone!!!


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