Friday, March 19, 2010

Movie Day is BACK!!

It's been a few weeks since I've hosted a Movie Day (mostly because I'm lazy and finding good videos isn't always easy!). (Okay, okay... I'm just lazy. Whatev!)

Anyway... thanks to one of my besties, Eva, (phew... and she saves my life (sanity) yet again) I have two new videos to share with you today.


Lady Gaga & Beyonce - WOW... you won't want to miss this one! (I love me some GAGA!)

Did you know?? Hmmm... well did ya??

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I dont know why i am still suprised at the stuff that Lady gaga comes up with!

    And i was reading it all alright until i got to the end where it sped up! lol. But that is crazy all that info!

  2. Sorry, Lady Gaga still looks like a dude to me.

    I had seen the informational video before, but it amazes me everytime. Thats some crazy stuff!

    Headed to Baton Rouge with da boys to watch my Tigers play a couple baseball games. Yee haw. You have a great weekend also!!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Spring to you :)

  4. I'm glad you found your award! Thanks for being such a consistent commenter - I appreciate you! :-)

    Have a great weekend.

  5. I think I need a cup of coffee and a cigarette now, lol. And I don't smoke! Have a good week-end : )

  6. Lady Gaga never fails to surprise/shock me!

  7. O.k. I will watch these videos later but how I missed your boyfrend book is beyond me. I just took a lovely gawk at it. Ahhhh! I was just tagged with this so it will be interesting. I can't stop looking at Edward *sigh*.
    Thanks for the visuals!

  8. Ugh. Ok. So Blogger's acting up again. Or still I guess I should say. eat my last couple comments. So I'm just gonna You just scarred me for life. XD

  9. Ah, if that's an explicit video I'll have to watch when the kids are in bed:)

    I have something for you at my blog!

  10. Am I the only one that thought of the Terminator movies while watching that second video?

    Has anyone checked on SkyNet lately? Where is Arnold when you need him?

    I am such a geek.

  11. I do love me some Gaga. :) Have a great weekend.

  12. Great videos! I actually hadn't heard that song before! And Wow! COOL facts!

  13. Kimberly - LOL, I know! She is crazy! : )

    DL - Have fun in Baton Rouge!!! : )

    Joanne - Thanks! And same to you!!!

    Shannon - Thanks for the fabulous award! YOu. Are. Awesome!!!

    Amy - LOL! You're crackin' me up!!! : )

  14. Bookaholic - Me neither! Seriously, she amazes me--all the time! : )

    Christine - LOL! Sigh... Edward. : )

    I'm happy you found him today! That's really the only thing that matters. : )

  15. Gavin - Blogger sucks!!! But I'm glad you stuck it out for me. I feel so special! : )

    Melissa - Hehe... that might be a good idea. : ) Thanks for the award!

    Marsha - You're so funny and totally not a geek.: )

    Sarahjayne - I love GAGA too!! : )

  16. Kelly - You've never heard that song? What??? I'm glad you liked it!!! : )

  17. You know, at first I was sort of indifferent to Lady Gaga, then around the time "Love Game" came out I sort of hated her. After Bad Romance, I sort of love her. "Speechless" is my favorite song, but I do love the Telephone video! So cinematic!

    And that Did You Know video was fascinating! I watched it with my eyebrows constantly raised in shock! LOL

  18. Lady Gaga is the best, she has no fear! I'm glad you put those videos to use. Nothing like Lady Gaga making out with women in prison and an informational video to complete my Friday :)

  19. Kat - Hehe... I bet you didn't know any of that stuff, did you?? I know I sure didn't. LOL!

    And Lady Gaga is so weird, but I so love her!!!

  20. Eva - Haha! Glad to make your Friday! Thanks for sending me videos, now get back to work finding me more videos!!! LOL. ; )