Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tag... I'm it!

First of all, it's Thursday! Yippee!!

Secondly, I'm beginning to think the brilliant idea to have a Twilight contest, where Kristi and I actually have to judge writing pieces about our beloved Twilight, might not have been such a great idea.

For one, I'm probably the most indecisive person you will EVER meet! Which makes it kind of hard to judge a contest, don't you think? Plus, all of the entries are so good that I'm seriously considering just buying more prizes to give away. But if I did that, I think Kristi and my hubby might kill me. So.... Kristi and I are left with a hard decision to make by tomorrow. Sounds fun, huh? Anyone want to trade places with me? Hmmm.... anyone???

Well, since no one offered to trade places with me (how selfish!), I think I'll move on to something a little more fun! YAY!

Susan Fields tagged me to answer some very pressing questions (all about ME, ME, ME!), so here I go:

I like staying up really, really late (to write. It's when the best ideas come to me, unless I'm tired and then I just repeat myself. A LOT!).

I like going to Barnes and Noble just to wander around the store.

I like reading books that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, while bringing out my inner teen that is clawing to get out every single day. (Oh, and kissing scenes. I really, really like those, too!!)

I like shoes! Buying them, wearing them, or even just staring at them. I adore shoes!!

I like Spring weather. I love the feeling of opening all the windows in the house and just letting the warm spring air envelop me. And... I love spring storms. (I'm weird, I know.)

I like doing home renovations. Or, I guess I should say, I like the idea of doing home renovations. The renovations themselves NEVER go as planned and usually end up costing twice the amount they should (why does HGTV make everything look so easy??!). But they are always so pretty once they're done! : )

Here are some pictures from my latest home renovation, where I spent WAY TOO MUCH money. (Umm... is it bad that the faucets cost more than the granite counter tops?? I think so... )

I just had to show you this one because I LOVE my wall flower!

I like spending time with friends.
I love writing & blogging!!
I love my family (even though they are crazy!!!) and my oh so cute nephew!
Today (Thursday) has been very, very hectic (and the day is just starting).
I hate when I doubt my story and my characters.

I hate cleaning. Period. (Is it bad that I actually pay my sister to come clean my house, sometimes? Umm... probably so. Forget I just said that!)

I hate feeling rushed.

I hate when I'm so busy that I have no time to write or even think about writing.

I hate that some of the coolest people I've met live way too far away from me.

I hate most vegetables! Yuck!!

I hate that I'm slightly OCD (hehe... yeah right!!) and that I feel the need to make everything perfect.

I hate having to work when all I really want to do is write.

I (secretly) like editing my WIP (hehe... shh... don't tell anyone!).

I love blogging buddies and everyone I've met through blogging! You guys ROCK!!

So now, I'm supposed to tag some of my fellow bloggers to answer all of these questions, too! YAY! I'm going to tag:


I can't wait to here these ladies answers!
Okay, so I hope I didn't bore you too much. Now I must get back to judging the Twilight contest entries.
Have a great Thursday!


  1. Love reading your answers, Kimberly! And your bathroom is too gorgeous -- those sinks are to die for, and the wall flower is FAB! I love home renovation projects, too. Hubby and I are weekend warriors. Ah, if only we had disposable income every weekend...

    Good luck judging the Twilight contest :))

  2. Hi Kimberley

    Your bathroom is beautiful. Good luck in judging that contest. I'm glad I'm not you. I don't like telling people "sorry you didn't win but she/he won..." so good luck hey.

    Have a great Thursday. Mine is almost over. :)

  3. Your bathroom is gorgeous!!!! I don't know what you spent but it was well worth the money!!! Better than a top notch hotel!!! Love it!

  4. Thanks for the tag! I will post the answers after I get back from vacation! :)
    Your bathroom looks awesome. I like the big flower, too! I just do not have a knack for decorating. I actually decorated the kids' rooms very cute, but other than that. Eh.
    A bunch of talented writers entered the Twilight contest, it's no wonder it's so difficult to choose!! I bet they are fun to read though!!

  5. Nicole - Weekend Warriors... I love that! If only I had more money.... sigh. ; )

    Bernadine - Haha... I think we will need it. Thanks!!!

    Jen - Aww, you're too sweet! ; )

  6. Kelly - You don't know how hard it is to choose. I think we might have to outsource the judging. Lol. Have a great vacation!

  7. Fun post, I love your bathroom designs. Those sinks are so pretty. And HGTV is great, I agree. There's just something so comforting about their shows ... Good luck judging!

  8. Love your loves and your hates. Very funny. And your bathroom looks lovely. The taps, they're gorgeous.


  9. Joanne - Thanks! I love HGTV!!! : )

    Ann - Thanks, you're a doll. ; )

  10. Ahhh...I love your bathroom! I have about ten ongoing home projects. Completely my husband's fault.

    I also hate cleaning. But I hate my house being dirty or cluttered so I force myself. It is a horrible situation.

    Good luck with judging the contest!

  11. Marsha - There are always a million projects going on at my house... and they're all my fault! Lol. What can I say? I love to be busy.

    Thanks and I hope you have a great day!

  12. E and I are HGTV nuts too! I heart those above-counter sinks; I really want some when we finally build a house, but E doesn't like them. *sad* There are so many different cool ones to choose from, though!

  13. I'm sure your choice will be awesome whatever you go with :~) LOL, talented writers, ha and then there's me :P

    Loved the list! Actually, although I don't like cleaning, when I'm stuck in my WiP I do it all the time.. :S Just a weird habit I picked up.

    P.S. That bathroom is so aces I COULD LIVE IN IT! I adore the wallflowers, so beautiful.

  14. Summer - How could your hubby not like them? Lol. I love HGTV.... my hubby, not so much. ;D

    Mia - Thanks, and you are a very talented writer. Don't forget it! And cleaning sucks! Except for every once in awhile when I'm in the mood. : D

  15. I love all your likes! And I love your bathroom. Those sinks are seriously cool.

    Haha, I like editing too. It's the only time a person gets to just go into robot mode and weed the manuscript. I can't wait until I get to that stage again.

    Have a great Thursday!

  16. Great answers, and your bathroom is gorgeous!

    Glad to hear you are a fellow veggie-hater. Blech!

  17. I love your wall flower, too! That bathroom is gorgeous! :-) Thanks for the tag.

  18. Loved reading your answers! So much fun. And all the money spent on the bathroom was totally worth it! It's gorgeous!! :)

  19. Amy - I love editing, too!!! Probably more than I should. I'm constantly editing my WIP, which is probably why it takes me so long to get anything accomplished. :)

    Talli - LOL! Blech is right! :)

    Shannon - Thanks! Have a great day!!

    Bookaholic - Aww.. thanks! :D

  20. Home improvement projects I leave in the hands of my wife and her mother. I just make myself available for the heavy lifting, that's the extent of my involvement...and interest. Now if you needed to set up a home entertainment system complete with surround sound, I'm your guy!

    I hate feeling rushed also!

  21. DL - You sound just like my hubby--all about the else electronics. : )

  22. I am so jealous of your bathroom.. How weird is that :) anyway, I love your list! Too bad we don't live closer or we could watch vampire diaries together tonight! Ha :)

  23. Eva - That would be so much fun! Why do you have to live so far away??? Hmmmm? I guess I'll just have to oogle Stefan by myself tonight. : (

  24. Great answers and I love your bathroom. :)

  25. Sarahjayne - Thanks! Happy Thursday!!

    Christa - I'm so glad I'm not the only one!!! ; )

  26. Congrats, Kimberly!

    Your bathroom is simply gorgeous :)

  27. Dude, that bathroom sink is sweet! I really want to remodel/redecorate... but I'm lazy and "poor" lol.

    Fun post!

  28. Wendy - Thank you! :)

    Kristan - Oh... lol... don't worry, I'm poor too. Especially after that. It's been Ramen for dinner every night for the last few weeks. :)

  29. How fun! And your renovations are fabulous!

  30. Kat - Thanks!!! I hope you have a great night!!

  31. Fun tag!!!

    And your bathroom looks fabulous!!!

  32. Love the wall flower!

    And yes, Shannon at Book Dreaming is the bomb. Love Her!!

  33. I must admit that you bathroom looks FANTASTIC!! The faucets are quite fabulous as well! & YOUR wall flower is quite magnificent!

  34. Nice bathroom, Kimberly! And I love your wall flower, too!

  35. Everyone - Thanks guys! I hope you have a great weekend!

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