Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

So, what you do think about my book cover? (My totally fake/I was bored so I made a book cover, book cover.) I was ecstatic to see it looked halfway decent once I finished it. YAY me! ::patting self on back for job well done::

Anyway, since today is Teaser Tuesday I thought I would share a little teaser from my current WIP.

I hope you enjoy!

Darkness consumed me. I stepped further into our living room; the wooden floors slick and sticky beneath the soles of my flip-flops. This wasn’t normal. Something was wrong. The rusty stench that lingered in the air alone was enough to convey the feeling that something was definitely off.
My hands gripped the wall for support as they blindly searched its textured surface for a nearby light switch—it failed to respond to my touch.
What happened here?
All was quiet—too quiet. My stomach wrenched, tying itself into tight knots.
That’s when her sob broke through the deafening silence.
“Mom?” I called. “Is that you?”
No answer.
My heart raced, thumping so loudly I could feel it pulsating in my temples.
I ran towards the sound and slipped, plunging into a stagnant, inky liquid that pooled around me.


--> -->
PS- I hope you enjoyed! This is a very, very rough draft of this scene. But I was going for the vague, eerie, WTF kind of feeling. I can't tell you why, though. It's a secret! : )

Happy Tuesday!!!!


  1. I want to read more. Seriously, rough draft--this is too good for a rough draft :)
    Love the cover--so when do I get a copy ;)

  2. Wow girl I love the cover!!!! That is amazing! I for sure want to read the back just from the cover, but then the little teaser you give us and Wow I'm emersed in the story and ready for more!

    Rough Draft?! That's a brilliant rough draft, love it and look forward to more little teasers!

  3. The vague, eerie feeling shines through perfectly. Great opener, you've captured mood and suspense, and your reader too!

  4. Christine - You're too sweet. I promise that one day when my book is actually finished (twenty years from now) I'll send you a copy. LOL!

  5. Jen - Aww... thanks. You guys always make me feel better about my writing, and after yesterday ::cringe:: that means a lot! Thanks for being so sweet!

  6. Joanne - I'm so happy to hear that. Vague and eerie is very hard for me to write. It takes a lot more work for me than writing funny. ; )

  7. Loved the scene and double love the cover. WELL DONE! I could def see that on book shelves. :)

  8. Love, love, lvoe the book cover!!! Fabulous! Makes me want want want!!!

    And your teaser...well done, sweetie!! Very suspenseful. And I'm very curious about this inky liquid. So much tension packed into one short scene!!

  9. Very descriptive excerpt, Kimberly!
    The book cover is awesome!

  10. I LOVE the cover - love it! And that is so NOT a rough draft. Awesome. :-)

  11. Haha, I seriously came here just because how great the cover was!!

  12. Excellent teaser. And your cover looks great!

  13. Wow. The cover artwork is really nice. And the excerpt very enticing.

  14. Love that cover! This is a rough draft???!!!!!

    Pure awesomesauce.

  15. Carol - You are totally made of awesomness!!! ; )

    Kelly - Thanks! ; )

    Shannon - You're so sweet! And it was a rough draft, until I made my critique partners read it a bazillion times before I posted it today. LOL. YOu know they love me!!! Not! : )

    Liz - Haha! Thanks! I wasted all Sunday on that cover. I'm a very productive person, if you couldn't tell. : )

    Elana - Thanks!!!!

    Amy - **Smiles** Thanks!

    I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!!!

  16. Marsha - LOL! Awesomesauce... I must steal (cough) I mean, borrow that saying. : )

    Thanks! You rock!!

  17. That was a pretty good rough draft. Awesome cover btw. I'd love to just play around with that sorta thing if I could.

  18. Love, love, love the book cover and I loved the teaser. :)

  19. You are the queen of covers! I love this one! And the teaser, well I need to know what is going on, it's awesome!

  20. Ooooh I love the cover! That would def grab my attention in a store! Great excerpt as well!

  21. Now that is an awesome teaser! No fair, though, leaving us hanging like that:)

    Love your book cover! I would want to read your book just by looking at that cover:)

  22. Gavin - Thanks! And I bet you could make a great cover. You should do it!!!

    Sarahjayne & Kat - I'm beginning to feel like a broken record but THANKS!!! ; )

    Eva - Queen of covers, huh? Melikes! I think I might put that on my business cards! LOL.

    Melissa - Yeah, I'm a tease like that. LOL. ; )

  23. Nice cover!

    Inky liquid? If it's blood, I LOVE the description.

  24. I am not smart enough to make a fake cover. It's beautiful, Kimberly! Great snippet. Thanks for letting me read it.

  25. Mariah - LOL! It's definitely blood. : )

    Lalena - Coming right up. You better watch what you ask for!!! ; )

    Roxy - You're making me blush. (Smiles)

    Making a cover isn't as hard as it looks. But, shhh, don't tell. ; )

  26. Love the cover... i thought it was real! lol Great JOB!!

    And seriously? a rought draft! that was amazing... i can't wait to read more... i was enticed for those few seconds that it took me to read it!

  27. !! OMG what happened to mom?! :'( Now I'm sad and worried.

  28. Kimberly - ::laughing:: Thanks! I really appreciate all the kind words. I mean, I REALLY do! : )

    Kristan - Don't be worried! Or do? Would if make you feel better if I have no clue what happened myself... yet. LOL!

    No planning... just figuring it out. : )

  29. Kim, love it! Very, very good cover! Enjoyed the teaser. Ick factor much? *shudder* I can only imagine what's going down in that house.

    Love the Twilight contest. Will be announcing it in my Good News Thursday post. BTW, it's Spring Break, we should try and meet up this week!

  30. ChristaCarol - YAY! And I agree, *shudders*. : )

    Thanks for posting our contest! You rock! And you get off for Spring break??? So not fair! Just think, while your having fun--at home--I'll be stuck at work. Working (late because I took off on Monday. Which, at the time, sounded good. But now, not such a good idea. lol). Ewww.... Email me sometime.

    Tiffany has been guilting me via Twitter to come to a writers meeting. I think I am. I just need to figure out a week I can come. YAY! ; )

  31. How did I miss Teaser Tuesday? Seriously!

    LOVE the cover and LOVE the excerpt. You rock!

    Can't wait to see what happens next...*hint, hint*