Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Big Kaboom... and other random stuff.


For those of you who don't know, I live in Dallas (and by "Dallas" I really mean Fort Worth), Texas. And a couple of weeks ago Texas Stadium (or Cowboys Stadium--which is right up the road) came crumbling down (on purpose of course. Have you seen the new Cowboy Stadium? There are only three letters needed to describe it: O. M. G!!!).

I didn't join in the city wide festivities (yes, festivities, with millions of people--the city of Irving actually such down major freeways surrounding the stadium, and there were fireworks and everything!!), but I do have a fun video for you to watch.

Now you see Texas Stadium...

Now you don't! (Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, there was really no other reason for me to share that with you other than the cool factor. LOL.)

In other news (other than random videos of buildings going KABOOM!, which are extremely important, of course), I started working on my new story. And surprisingly, it's going extremely well!! It seems: the words, they are a-flowing... which is great! I'll keep you guys posted.

Also, before I go, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank some of my fellow bloggers for a few awards I received while I was away. The awarding of the awards to other deserving bloggers will have to be postponed. No time today. :(

<<===First off, I want to thank Mia, Summer, DL , Roxy and Kristi for the soulmate award! I feel we are all definitely soul mates too!! Aww... aren't we sweet! :)

For the Prolific Blogger Award, I have the lovely Jamie to thank. I'm Prolific! YAY!! ;) ===>>

<<=== Also, I want to thank The Little Flower for the Oh My Blog! Award!! Haha... I love it!! :)

And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank Amy for this sweet little award. Isn't it SO cute?! ===>>

If you haven't checked out these bloggers yet, you must be crazy! They are all fabulous!!!

Well guys, it seems I've rambled enough for today. Thanks for listening and I'll see you all on Friday!!


  1. Hi

    Nice to know you live in Fortworth Texas (I actually know where in America that is, because America has these thousands of states and I don't know where half of them are!!)

    Congrats on the awards. You really do deserve it. :)

    Have a fun Wednesday. :)

  2. I lived in San Antonio for three years and loved it. Texas (and Texans) rock.

  3. You definitely showed the cool factor! It's amazing to watch something that has so much history go down in mere seconds.

    Yay for bloggie awards!!! You are so worth it! Congrats!

  4. yes a huge: OMG from me as well!
    that's by far better than the Olympic stadium!!
    random posts are fun after all!!
    so many awards you got there.
    i like your writing style and your reading taste..
    i don't fancy reading Greek stuff that much since the recent writers of my time are mostly mimicking english and spanish authors.
    i will keep in touch and if you have anything interesting to suggest.I'm here..if of course I'm lucky enough to get a copy in English here in Greece.i loved the body finder and before i fall .thanx for following!

  5. Yay for the new WIP! Glad it is going well. Continued luck with that and much love for today!

  6. Congrats on all the cute awards! I'll check out these links! Always fun to see buildings come down as well.

  7. They showed the demolition of the old stadium on our news here in New England, very impressive! It's amazing how precisely they manage it. And congrats on your Awards, too, enjoy :)

  8. Wow. Sometimes it drives me nuts how these giant stadiums are torn down (i.e., wasted) and rebuilt. I mean, hello, Colosseum? Can't we build for longevity anymore?

    But, sigh, at least we get some cool videos out of it.


  9. Not being a football or sports fan in general, it just seems like a huge waste of money and resources to me. IS a cool video!

    Glad your new story is coming along nicely!

  10. Congrats on your well deserved awards :)

  11. Aww, your blog is adorable!!!

    Congrats on all the awards :)

  12. YAY for the awards ;~) you deserve them

    (warning- this is a classic MIAFAIL moment)

    I went away for a while to let the video load up and when I returned I had completely forgotten what exactly I was supposed to be watching. So when I clicked play I was all "Why am I watching the stadium with some, quite frankly, umimpressive flashy lights at the bottom?"

    Needless to say that gave me a shock when the building came down and I realised :P Ooops

    It was also awesome to watch though, so weird the way buildings come down.

    Also high-five on the new story! Always great when the words keep on coming :~D

  13. Omg, thank ou so much for this, the back song was awesome as the stadium came crumbling down!

    I would be the first in line, shouting "YEAH!" with a beer hat and a hot dog. Of course that image suits a fat macho much more then me, but I´d still do it lol.

    And congrats on the awards!! =D

  14. Oh know how I love your random posts!!! Yay on all the awards and the new project! Woo hoo! I wish you were closer and we could celebrate by going shopping. :-)

  15. I plan on catching a college football game in the new stadium next season. Maybe you'll let me say hi to you in person??

    Your welcome for mine...and congrats on all the others. You rock HARD! :)

  16. That reminded me of when they blew up the Kingdome in Seattle - such a sad day. The new stuff is awesome, but it's hard to let the familiar and sentimental spots go.

    Congrats on the awards, Kimberly! :-)

  17. The new stadium just screams of wasted tax dollars to me. XD Yeah it looks nice and all but it costs way too much to build personally speaking. But then I'm not a football fan either so perhaps I'm biased? XD

    Congrats on all your lovely awards. (:

  18. That's quite the stadium! Crazy, Looks a bit like Wembley here in London.

    Good to have you back!

  19. Wow, that is so cool!

    Congrats on your awards!

  20. Who doesn't love precision demolitions?? Rockin' video and the new stadium looks great. Why you tryin' to compete with Reliant Stadium?lol

    Good luck with the wip and congrats on those awards!! You deserve them because you are soooo awesome!

  21. That is SO cool! And congrats on those awards and that your new idea is a flowin'! Coolness :)

  22. Congrats on the awards and your WIP. And yep, that was way cool. :)

  23. That was totally WAY cool & i enjoyed that even though i have seen that before. :) Thanks for sharing!

  24. Well there it went... I'm thinking I need to take a trip there and we can go see a football game :)

  25. Bernadine - Haha... you are so right! I'm glad you know where I am. :)

    Shannon - I love San Antonio, but haven't been in awhile. So glad you stopped by!!

    Jen - I know, it would have been cool to be there, but it was done early in the morning and there is no way I'm getting out of bed early on a weekend. No way! LOL :)

    PS - Squeee!!! SATC2 trailer is on the TV right. now!! Yahoooo!!! :)

  26. Nells - Thanks so much for stopping by, and I'm so glad you like my randomness. You're really too sweet!! If I read any great books I'll be the first one to inform... everyone. I never shut up!! :)

    Amy - Thanks! I hope you have a great day and much luck with your wip and everything else!!

    Jennifer - I know, right? What's better than buildings crumbling?! Umm... nothing. ;)

    KarenG - Thanks!! I hope you have a great day!!

  27. Joanne - It is amazing. That's one job I would never want. I would surely mess it up. :)

    Kristan - I know what you mean, but I did here they are recycling up to 90% of the stadium's materials. Now, how they are recycling that... who knows. But it sounds nice, right? ;)

    Summer - I'm not into sports at all, but the Kaboom was cool. Good luck with your wip!!

    Tara - Thanks!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Saumya - Many thanks! :D

  28. Mia - You are too funny! I have a feeling we would get a long really, really well in real life. Haha... I have many a classic kimfail moments. LOL :) Too many!

    Clara - I'm so glad you liked it. It was my first attempt at putting a video together and, well, it was kind of harder than I thought. But I love that song too. It's by One Republic and the song is called "Everybody loves me." It's a great song!!

    And you sound like a lot of fun!! :)

  29. Kristi - Whenever you come to town... we are definitely going shopping. Or maybe we should just start planning our girls trip to Sonoma. Haha... I'm being very optimistic here! YAY me!! ;)

    DL - That would be way cool!! What game are you going too? I have to admit, I've only ever seen the outside of the stadium and I haven't seen it since they finished it. But... the Super Bowl will be here next year, so how cool is that?! (Not that I'll be there or anything. Haha.)

    Shannon - I know, it was sad. But the new stadium is so pretty. :)

    Gavin - Oh yes, mucho tax dollars I'm sure. Word to the wise: don;t ever buy a house in Arlington! :)

  30. Talli - It's so cool that you live in London. I'm so jealous!

    Elana - Thanks and thanks!! Have a great day!

    Marsha - Thanks, my fellow Texan! No competing here. Haha. You're so awesome too!

    Crystal - Thanks! I hope the ideas stay flowing.

  31. Sarahjayne - Thanks!! Have a great day!

    Kimberly - I'm so jealous that you're going to Hawaii. So. incredibly. jealous!

    Eva - You totally should. That new stadium is awesome. Just save up for parking... I heard it costs around $50. LOL. Crazy, huh?!

  32. Congrats on your awards - you sure do have a lot of soul mates! :)