Monday, April 26, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah!

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. Today is Monday (UGH...), and I'm in a very BLAH mood today. So, instead of another one of my witty, insightful posts (go ahead and laugh. I know you want to! LOL), I'm going to share with you a little sneak peek from one of my WIPs, Static.

FYI: This piece is probably rough, so consider yourself forewarned!! ;)


Hiding in the corner of the small room was a long mirror, one of those mirrors that made you look bad even on the best of days. I couldn’t risk another chance of being humiliated this week. Stomaching my disgust for white walls and the smell of bleach and Lysol, I made my way over to the mirror to make sure I wasn’t suffering from a case of bed head. Pulling the band from my now lopsided pony tail, I smoothed the plaits of hair with my fingers. My hand brushed over a tender spot where a bump was beginning to form. The pain throbbed in sync with each beat of my heart and I winced making a mental note not to do that again.
As I turned to leave, I saw him standing in the doorway, watching me with a wicked smirk. I jumped back, knocking a row of chairs askew in my wake. My heart skipped and blood flooded my cheeks. They always sold me out.
Moronically, I stared dumbfounded, speechless.
It was Jaxon Wilhelm. He was one of the many new faces at the beginning of the year, and he had immediately made a reputation for himself as a loner the second he arrived. I wasn’t really sure why because he had popular written all over him. From his chocolate cropped locks and lean, toned physique to his I’m better than everyone so don’t even think about wasting my time attitude… he had it nailed down. He was much more equipped for my circle of friends than I. Then again, the only reason I was there was because of Amethyst and… Caleb.
“What are you looking at?” I asked, desperately trying to extinguish my blush.
He stood in silence, hands in pockets, left eyebrow arched, lips hitched into a half smile. His eyes wandered up and down my figure. Tugging at the bottom of my shirt was almost an automatic reaction, but I stood my ground and felt ridiculously uncomfortable doing so.
Shaking his head, he spun on his heel and padded off toward the exit without so much as considering my question.
“Better double check that mirror. You missed a hair, princess,” he said, amusement coloring his tone.
The door slammed shut and I twisted around to check my reflection. My hair looked fine. Good, enough. Part of me couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing here, staring, at me. Avoiding my questions. But the other half, the broken half, couldn’t care less.
The official ruling was in: boys suck! No one could change my mind about that—no matter how cute they were.

I hope you all enjoyed this little snippet from Static. And I hope you have a fabulous Monday. I'll be back on Wednesday--hopefully a little less BLAH.


  1. I enjoy it! A lot!!

    The desciption of the bruise was really good. What caused it I wonder?

    This bit "He stood in silence, hands in pockets, left eyebrow arched, lips hitched into a half smile " immediately painted a picture of Jaxon for me. He irritated me but I could clearly see him standing there. Brilliant :~D

    I hope you feel better soon ;~) and your Monday improves. *HUGS* I hate it when the day just feels bleh, not good :~(

  2. I really liked it! Thanks for helping to banish the Monday blahs. Now if you could only banish my hangover...

    I'm with Mia - the bruise seemed particularly vivid.

  3. Great stuff Kimberly, I really liked this. Well done! You set the scene up really well and left me wanting to read more.

  4. Love the line "They always sold me out."
    I blush easily too and can totally relate!
    thanks for sharing!!

  5. I am so glad you decided to do a snippet, it was great and perfect for Monday!

    I am having a very blah day as well!!!

    Happy Monday! See you Wednesday!

  6. I hate Mondays. Great snippet though!!

  7. Hi! I'm your 200th follower--wow!
    Nice snippet!

  8. I really liked this snippet. I'm not an easy reader to please as I've got to have stuff to keep my interest up...and you kept me engaged. Write on, girl.

  9. Everyone - Thanks guys!! You're all really just too sweet. ;)

    My blah day is getting a little better now that I'm off of work. YAY!!

    Happy Monday, everyone!!!

  10. Faith - YAY for being my 200th follower. That's so cool! Thanks for following me!! ;)

  11. I enjoyed to read this snippet!
    Have a great week Kimberly!

  12. Love this! I don't know how you can be blah when you write like this! :) Have a good week!

    And is it weird that I immediately thought of Ke$ha when I saw the title of your post? lol

  13. Thanks for the snippit, I enjoyed it:) Hpe you feeling less blah now too.

  14. Now I want more Kim :) And I must say, I may have to convert from Caleb to Jaxon after this scene. I'm that easy apparently :)

    That was a lot of happy faces for that short of a comment. Maybe I am subconciously hoping they brighten your day :)

  15. Yonca - Thanks!!

    KM - You are way too sweet!! And it's not weird you though of Ke$ha. I was actually going to post the Blah, Blah, Blah video on this post but forgot. LOL. Opps... that proves my blahness today! ;)

    Lindsay - Thanks! I hope you have a great day!!

    Eva - Your smiles did the trick!! I can always count on you.

    PS - I <3 Jaxon too!! Ha-ha.

  16. I DID enjoy it!! It's really good, Kim! You have a great voice for yA!!

  17. Jennifer - Thanks!! I absolutely love YA, so I'm glad my voice is a match. ;)

  18. OOOOHHHH this Jaxon sounds steamy!!!! I want to hear more. And your excerpt was not as rough as you think. It was very enticing. I found myself wanting to learn more about the characters and setting. PLEASE POST MORE from Static, I really LOVED this.

  19. That was awesome. You are going to be so famous when you publish your work. (:

  20. Hey, baby! Keep going on this! It's good stuff!

  21. Very nice snippet:) I absolutely love your voice!

    Glad I could read this - even though it's Tuesday, I'm having a blah day.

  22. No blah there. Great job and when can I read more?

  23. 原來這世上能跟你共同領略一個笑話的人竟如此難得........................................

  24. Kim, what a great way to blow away the Blah's on Monday. For me it's Wednesday, but your words drew me in and made me wince for your heroine and admire her spunk.

    Have a non-Blah mid-week, Roland