Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Story High

Okay, so, I think most of you read my post a couple of weeks ago about the voices in my head (which are all character voices, of course). Recently though, my voices (or characters, rather) have been ignoring me. Believe me when I say, I've tried everything to get them to speak to me--bribed them with with shiny toys, hot boys, and even chocolate--but nothing worked.

That's when, last Thursday when I was driving home from work--minding my own business, singing along with Paramore, out loud--someone spoke up.

The voices were back!

And my first thought was: YES! My voices are back! (It's a writer thing. I don't think normal people have voices, that would just be crazy. LOL!)

But after listening carefully for a few moments, I realized that the voice I was hearing wasn't one of my old friends, but someone new. A new voice. A new story. And this girl was more than willing to fill me in on her story--which is very, very exciting and kind of messed up, but I absolutely fell in love with it!

I actually had to kindly ask her to "shut up" that night so I could get some sleep. And she listened.

Who knew there were actually characters out there that wanted to share their story, and might actually care about us, the lowly writers? It's like a miracle or something!!!

New story highs are always the best, and I'm definitely on one right now.

But my dilemma is:

Should I stop working on my current WIP, Static (if you call staring at a blank Word doc, while pulling out my hair "working") to see where this new story takes me?


Should I just jot down my ideas and stick it out with Static?

What would you do? I'm really interested to hear everyone's thoughts. :)

Sigh... don't you just love New Story High?? I think it might even be better than chocolate.

Have a great day!!!


  1. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I wrote down what the newbies told me and then got back to my current WiP. I had no choice they were holding me at gunpoint to work on their story and not the new one.
    My current WiP characters have been talking to me recently to re write chapter 4.
    They're really bossy.
    I would say write what you can on the new one even if it's just notes then continue on your current WiP.
    Good luck! Keep the peace or your charcters may start a war. :)

  2. Yay for New Story Highs there amazing!!!

    So I would say since I'm pretty sure your character is a chatty cathy that I don't think you get a choice on this... Run with the newbies until you feel you can run no more and then go to Static with fresh eyes, who knows you might find that Static will spill onto the pages once you let your eyes rest from it a bit!

    Good Luck and I can't wait to hear what you decide!

  3. I'd start a journal for the new story idea, writing down everything you can, characters, plots, ideas, locations, outlines. But I'd keep it a journal now, and continue working on the existing manuscript. The words will come, sometimes even waiting is part of the process!

  4. Seems as though your new character is quite the chatterbox so let her talk it out with you and then go back to Static and you might just find inspiration from her chattiness! lol.

  5. I had to do this a few days ago. The new story just wouldn't get out of my head. And although old story was 'done', it hadn't been edited. Well, needless to say, I wrote chapter one of new story and now am editing. It's a whip to go back, but I had to and now new story will just have to wait.

  6. My advice is probably bunk, because I'm a perpetual project-jumper. However, it always keeps me excited for everything, because I love 'em and leave 'em!

  7. Definitely start a journal or document for this new story and write as much as you can. I have done this many times. A blogfest sparked an idea and I wrote pages of outlines type stuff (included dialogue) until that voice was satisfied. Now I'm back revising my wip but I know I have something exciting to come back to.

    Good luck!

  8. Always nice to see a post that makes me feel normal - well, as normal as a writer can get, I suppose.

    Start that story, even if you just jot down all the info she has given you. Then, when you come back to it - in case she's on vacation or something - you'll remember the basics.

  9. Definitely jot down your ideas whether you use them now or later. Hopefully this burst of writing energy will carry on to Static!

  10. For me, it would depend how deep your into STATIC. Completed 25%, 50%, 100% and working on revisions/edits? I wouldn't abandon it if you were close to being finished, regardless of how excited you are about the new story. Like others have said, write the ideas in a journal and come back to them later. They will be just as great when you finally do.

  11. That is tricky. You could start outlining for now, so that it will be ready for you when Static is finished. If you have dialogue and things like that, go ahead and open a new file and type out what you have, and then firmly tell yourself it will still be there to work on later.

    Good luck!

  12. I think you have to identify what will make you grow as a writer more: sticking with something through to the end, or starting a new project the right way from the ground up.

    I know that I'm often tempted by new stories, but for me personally, learning to finish is a bigger goal, so I take notes on the other ideas and keep pushing on the WIP. But that's me.

  13. Couldn't you work on both? Like I'd go ahead and jot down the new story idea now and maybe even give Static a couple days break while the new story high is still there. But when that starts to fade a bit, go back to Static but don't give up completely on you new idea. Kind of bounce back and forth when you get stuck one, just work on the either or something. That way you will always be writing, but a different storyline. Sometimes writing something different sparks you in an area where you are stuck on the other, if that makes any sense.

  14. Gavin has a point, and so does everyone else so I'll give my best answer whilst trying not to repeat anything already said a lot in previous comments...

    Since this voice is so responsive, and actually lets you sleep (which is a nice surprise), running with it doesn't seem like a bad idea. It could give you the break from your WiP that you maybe need for a while?

    We all have several projects on the go (I have about 8, at last count... although only 3 of them are properly long and my WiP always takes priority) so fiddling around with something new is nothing to be ashamed of. If you want, you could start this AND continue with Static. The progress would seem slower, but that's just because you'd be writing two completely different things at once. When the voices stop on one, they might natter away in another...?

    I hope that, in some way, helped. It's ultimately up to you of course though. ;~)

    Also, I LOVE New Story High. I'm the one who lurks mysteriously by the canteen doors if you fancy bumping into one another of a lunchtime. :P

  15. I vote for go where inspiration leads you! Ideas are real things. Their greatest energy is when their new. Cash in on that energy, before it starts to dissipate!

    Best of luck with it!!

  16. I'd say listen to her and write it all down so you can get it out of your head. You don't want to lose any of this magic! It might inspire you and give you that creative spark you've been missing with your current WIP. I'd definitely try to go back to Static once your mind is clear and you are inspired again. Then you can let this new idea simmer. I think simmering is good.

    Yes, I love New Story Highs! I was actually cheating on my novel with a new idea in March. This idea and I were taking a workshop together and we sorted some things out together. But now we're on a break and I'm back together with CTM.

    Good luck to you!!!

  17. You are clearly insane...we both know there is NOTHING better than chocolate. Right????

    Okay, I admit, new story high is pretty close.

    I say go with the new voices! I wouldn't be surprised if halfway through your new story your old characters don't show right up, jealous and ready to be in the lime light. It's okay to work on two at once. :-)

  18. I'd run with the new one until she's ready to give you a break. At that point, you can finish WIP one or continue with WIP 2. Either way, you are ahead of the game. :-)

  19. Isn't it nice when they talk to you again? I miss them after awhile and sad to say, I'm closer to some of them than those I know in real life.


  20. Don't scare me, Kim! Nothing's better than chocolate.

    Hm. This is a tough one. It's easy to follow the lure of a new idea but generally I try to stick out my current WIP unless I really become convinced it just doesn't have legs.

    Keep us posted!

  21. I might suggest a medium - start with jotting down your new ideas so they don't go away into the night, and see if your current WIP stays interesting. If so, keep going.

    If not, reevaluate and perhaps move into the new story for the time being?

    But that's spoken by a person who starts new projects so often she has close to 100 different Word files and 0 finished stories. Erm.

  22. I used to get caught up in this situation a lot. So I fixed it. I have a tendency to not finish things, so in order to complete a MS, I would take down as many notes as I could to get me back on track with the new idea later down the road.

    Hope that helps. Stick with the current, but take notes as your new voice speaks. Good luck. :D

  23. You are CRAZY!!! lol. Kidding.

    Seriously though, work on what ever is speaking to you when it's speaking to you. If you shush a voice that's yelling at you, it might not come back. It's ok to work on more than one project at a time. Maybe divide your time. If you have half an hour to write, concentrate on each for a half an hour. I'm going to try that out and see if it works, since I also have 2 WIPs and a novel under revisions.

  24. Thanks guys!

    I love hearing all of your comments. And I love the fact that everyone says something different. I'm not exactly sure what I will do yet. I guess I'm still figuring it out! :)

    I will tell you this: I AM SUPER DUPER EXCITED ABOUT MY NEW STORY!!!

    Happy Tuesday!!!

  25. This has happened to me too many times to count!

    Usually I just take notes on the new idea when things come to me so I don't forget anything. If I get distracted from my current book for even one minute, it will never get finished.

    Here's some good advice from Meg Cabot (it has saved me on more than one occasion): http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/node/3138144

    Good luck!

  26. I think you should always work on what you feel most passionate about at that time. They will both come along eventually. I love the new story high!

  27. Ahh, New Story High. While I am a big believer in finishing everything, I'm also a big believer in writing what you're passionate about. That New Story High can get a lot of progress done if you let it! I say go for it! Static will be waiting, and who knows? Maybe when you go back to Static your passion will be rekindled and it'll be a win/win situation!

    Good luck with whatever you choose! :)

  28. Mariah - Thanks for the link!! :)

    Eva - I completely agree! And I love it too. :)

    Kat - I feel the same exact way. I've started outlining my new story now and I'm loving it. When my other characters start talking again I can always go back. So true. Win/win. :)

  29. I agree with everyone that starting a journal while continuing on Static is the way to go. I have SO many stories/books I want to write, but I've resisted all of them to keep on with m current book until it's done and published. I just don't want to be one of those people with ten half-finished manuscripts lying around (or finished by unpublished mss).