Thursday, June 3, 2010


First of all: YES, I have already blogged about this contest before, but Sara has extended the deadline to her Very Vampire May Giveaway and I felt compelled (ha-ha, get it?) to share this fabulous contest with you once more.
I mean, it's no secret that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Twilight, right? And this lovely lady is actually giving away a copy of Twilight (the novel) that is signed by Stephenie Meyer, (OMG. I think I've died and gone to Twilighters heaven!!) among other fantastic prizes.

So be sure to check out Sara McClung's contest NOW! But don't even think about entering, because I WANT TO WIN SO BADLY! At least the signed copy of Twilight, anyway. I guess you can enter for the other stuff. I'm not stingy. :)
When it comes to Twilight, I get a little crazy. But you should know this already. (Yes, I am totally one of those crazy ladies with a room in my house completely dedicated to all things Twilight. No, seriously, I am. I can show you pictures! And... I do have a Twilight photo, autographed by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (sigh).)
Wow... I do sound a little crazy. But, it's all in good fun! And that's exactly what this contest is. Fun!! So check it out!
Have a great weekend, everyone!! (Two posts in one day... WOW, I'm on a roll!!)


  1. I hope you win! I don't think I entered that one, so you have a chance, LOL

  2. I hope you win! You of all people are very deserving! I know your dedication and love for Twilight!!!

    Fingers crossed :)

  3. I hope you win it. It couldn't be in better hands if you do :)

  4. lol Jen and Eva are very right. And you know whoever does end up winning is going to be in fear for their life. LOL.

  5. I hope you win too. It is an awesome prize. ;)

  6. Good luck, Kim! Fingers crossed for you.

  7. Sara is one of my fav writer peeps. So awesome of her to give away such great prizes. Good luck! :)

  8. Sorry - I've already entered - I hope you don't hate me if I win your prize. :)

    You should have done a video entry for Jen's Edward v. Jacob challenge this week - it was right up your alley!


    i want to put you in my pocket.

    hehe i hope you win, love! you DESERVE to win!

  10. You guys are too sweet. Really, you are. I really, really hope I win, but if any of you win I would be happy too! (Of course, after I pout for a few minutes. LOL!)

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

  11. I hope you win! You of all people are very deserving!
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