Monday, June 7, 2010


Every weekend starts out the same for me. I always have these grandiose plans (or maybe more like wishes) of things I really want (need) to get done. (Can anyone tell me why weekends are only two days? Hmmm?? Seems kind of unfair if you ask me.) But does that ever happen? Umm... no. And this weekend was no exception. Shocker, I know.

This weekend, my days, hours and minutes were filled with visiting family, reading the new Stephenie Meyer, Eclipse Novella (of course) and my nephew's birthday party. He just turned two on June 2. Man, how they grow so fast!

Here are a few pics--pre-birthday bash.

Yummy, birthday donuts. MMmmMMmmm...

Wait, did you just say I get to have cake?!?!!!

And, of course, Aunt Kimmie had to let him open one present early. That's what aunts are for.

Anyway, so I know I promised details on my next contest today, but I've decided to push it back a week, because truthfully, I didn't have the time to type out the posts. (Doesn't that sound like a great excuse? Ha-ha.) So, I promise, that contest will be coming to you next week, for sure. And it will run for a couple of weeks because.... I'm going on vacation. A real one! And I can't wait!!

Ahem. Sorry about that. I tend to drift when I think about things like... vacations. :)

So, sorry for the short post today. I will be back on Wednesday with a "real" post. Or, in my case, as "real" of a post as I ever post.

Have a great Monday, everyone!!


  1. Well, it sounds like your weekend was fun, if not exceedingly productive. :)
    By the way, your nephew is adorable!!!

  2. Awwww you have an adorable nephew. Hope he had a fun birthday party. My weekends is busy too...... and way to short. I know.

    I'm envying all of you going on summer holidays soon.... :)

    Enjoy your day!!!

  3. Your nephew is so cute. My son will be two in July.
    How is the new novella? I have to get it. I know I should have gotten it already but with the kiddos--I'm not goin there.
    I have grand ideas for my weekend too and they never pan out.
    Can't wait to hear about the contest.

  4. Okay so your nephew is ADORABLE!! What a little cutie, and what a great aunt you are for letting him open his gift early!!

    Have a happy and hopefully less hectic week! Yay for vacations and contests!

  5. What lovely pics of your nephew, and you're right, that's what aunties are for!! You sound v busy, and no matter how much you tell yourself I won't blog today, and I won't read them, you do!! Just think of your holiday! x

  6. Ooooohhh...a real vacation? I haven't had one of those in, um, let me think....years? Yeah *sigh*

    Have a great time! And your nephew is adorable!


  7. Oh, what a cute Buzz Lightyear toy. Your nephew is cute too. :)

  8. Only 2 days for weekends is SO unfair. But then again, right now, every day is a weekend for me. :)

    Summer vacay is the best! It makes my mind drift as well!

    Your nephew is super cute.

  9. Adorable nephew!! And how are you enjoying Bree Tanner? I plan to download my free copy today. :)

  10. Sounds like a fun weekend, I'll bet you are your nephew's fave auntie! Have a great day ...

  11. Spend the day being a great aunt IS productive!!!

    Happy Monday!

  12. Happy Monday, Kim! Your nephew is going to be a heartbreaker!

    Looks like you had a very good weekend.

  13. He is too cute!! Why do the weekends go by so fast????

  14. Your nephew is cute! I agree, birthdays are fun.

    As far as the time thing goes - I always think that I am going to get way more done on a weekend than I do. One of these days I will learn to lower my expectations:) Have a great week!

  15. Aww, your nephew is so cute.
    At least you had a fun weekend.
    I always plan stuff for the weekend and then have to change it. Now I'm trying to just go with it. Trying. :)

  16. Thanks guys, you all are really too sweet.

    I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!!

    As for me, the electricity in our neighborhood keeps going on and off. It sucks. And it's really hot. UGH! Mondays...

  17. Your nephew is an absolute cutie-patootie! What a doll :)

    Looking forward to the contest!

  18. What a cutie pie :) Looks like you had some fun spoiling your nephew. I forgot to tell you that my sister-in-law had a baby this weekend so I'm an auntie again too. Why am I saying this in a comment??? Maybe I'm spacing out today. Oh well, at least now I won't forget.

    Haha wow back to bed for me.

  19. Aw, he's so adorable! :D

    I always make grandiose plans for the weekend that I fail to meet as well. I need to work on it. :)

  20. Aw, what a cutie-pie!! And what a super aunt you are for letting him open a present early.

    I haven't yet gotten Meyer's novella, but I'm itching too. AND I happen to have a Borders gift card that my CP sent me, so guess who's making a trip to Borders today? Yahoo!!

    BTW, I featured you in my Vlog! :) <3

    Oh, and enjoy your vacation!! I can't wait for a little R&R.

  21. I'm sure you are the coolest aunt!! Your nephew is ADORABLE!!

  22. Cute! My son is 2.5 and yes, it does go fast! And he is crazy about Buzz Lightyear!