Thursday, June 3, 2010

Writers' Block

It seems, lately, that I've had a mild case of writers' block. It really sucks, but hey, it happens, right? There's always going to be stuff that needs to get done around the house, or things you really, really want to do (even though you really, really should be writing). I like to view it as unavoidable, because that's just life. Plus, it's almost Summer, which roughly equates to nothing on TV, triple digit temps and three to four solid months of not leaving the comfort of my air conditioned house. So for today (okay, this entire week), I'm free to do whatever I want. Ha-ha!! :)

Today, I decided to put one of my favorite sites for procrastination to use--YouTube--and have posted some fun writing videos for you. I hope you enjoy!! (So that shouldn't count as procrastinating, right? I mean, hey, I did write this blog post.)

First: Writers' Blok by Jackson Pearce
(I love this video! Jackson nailed writers' block right on the head!! Plus, who doesn't love Kesha?)

Next: How NOT To Write A Novel--Bookfomercial
(Totally hilarious! I mean, who doesn't want to be fabulously wealthy and irresistible to the opposite sex? Hmmm.... [cue the crickets] That's what I thought!!)

I probably won't be around to post on Friday, but I'll be back on Monday (psst... I might be giving a few more details about my next contest during that post. Maybe. Be sure to check it out, you know, just in case!! :) )

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


  1. Hey I want to be fabulously wealthy...or sorta run-of-the-mill-mediocrely wealthy!

    those were great...enjoy your week of freedom

  2. Writers block?? Yes we have it all sometimes (most of the time!!!!) or I do!!!!

    Enjoy your few days of relaxing. :)

  3. Thank God for You Tube to keep us sane, LOL!

    I too have had a bad case of Writer's Block! Luckily the weather keeps me somewhat busy enjoying it outside... but it's getting HOTTER! I had a breakthrough last night so I'm rolling with that and hoping the writing is back in full force!

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Haha, love the Ke$ha video. I went to college with her, ya know...

  5. Heehee. I love the writers blok video.
    Youtube is the best procrastination tool ever. :)

  6. You know what they say: you can't think your way out of a writing block, but you can write your way out of a thinking block. :)

    That said, we all deserve breaks, and you're right, TX summer will be plenty of incentive to stay inside and hide (i.e., read & write).

  7. I think writer's block is a part of the process. And even when we take a little time off from writing, somewhere in our thought process, we're working through a plot point, or characterization, or some such thing during that time off. Enjoy!

  8. "I grew 1 to 3 inches." LOL! Those are cute. And I can totally relate to the first video. I do that all the time.

    Relax on your writer's block. Maybe try working on something new to kickstart the creative flow???

  9. Thanks for the videos - they were amazing. :) Yay procrastination!

  10. LOVE the videos and writer's block totally blows. I have a little myself this week.

  11. Awesome videos! Good luck with the writer's block, I've got a case of lazy writer - I know what I need to write, I've just been lazy about getting it done.

  12. Haha- love it!

    Take care and hope you get over The Block soon!

  13. I've had writer's block twice this year. The only thing that helped me was to read a lot of books in the genre I like to write (YA spec fic). Good luck with breaking out of your slump:)

  14. Thank you for sharing the videos! :D

    Good luck conquering the dreaded writer's block.

  15. Yeah, the writer's block will pass and will make the writing sweeter once it does. Thanks for these.
    Happy weekend! :)

  16. Where do you find these things? So funny I love it :)

    The Ke$ha one was super awesome!