Monday, July 26, 2010

The Monday Blues & Writing Exercises

Okay, so I know it's not Teaser Tuesday or even WIP Wednesday. It's just yucky old Monday. But, since it is Monday, which is the day I am most commonly running late, I've decided to share a little snippet of my writing.

It turns out, this snippet is not going to be used for anything. At least nothing I know of. So I guess this is really more of a snippet from (another) writing exercise. YAY for writing exercises, aren't they fun?! So much more fun than real exercising, for sure. And I've found they are a great way to practice your writing style and voice. What's better than that?

 Anyway, here it is. I hope you enjoy!!

I flung my pillow toward the annoying buzz coming from my nightstand. My alarm clock and I had one of those love-hate relationships. He loved to push my buttons, and I loved to smack his. Only, usually after one blow from my pillow, hand, or whatever else within reach I could throw, he would cave. Not today. The blaring noise pierced my ears and seemed to grow louder with each passing second.

“At least he’s faithful,” I mumbled to myself.  “Even if he is annoying.” In that moment, I wasn’t sure if I should be more worried of the fact that I had begun talking to myself, or that I referred to my alarm clock as a “he.”

 Before I could come to a consensus on my sanity, I heard the beeping cease and a familiar voice above me; it too was annoying but could easily be overlooked because it came from my best friend, Mackenzie Fuller. It never surprised me when she appeared out of nowhere; she had practically lived at my house since sixth grade.

“Seriously?” She asked, incredulous. “Please tell me your incoherent mumbles are actually in reference to your alarm clock—as weird as it may be—and not Weston Jergens.”

The remainder of my mangled heart fluttered in automatic response to the mention of his name. It hurt and infuriated me at the same time. For him to have any control over me, or my feelings, still, was out of the question. All ties that bound us together were severed the moment I saw his Facebook status update: Wes Jergens is now single. Still, for some unknown reason, he held one of the invisible heartstrings; the one directly hardwired to my old feelings of love and admiration for him. And like a jerk, he proceeded to twist and tug and yank on that tiny thread every chance he got. Lucky me.

 When I opened my eyes, I saw Kenzie standing directly over head, sporting my new green blouse and a pair of black, dangly earrings she had stolen—or, “borrowed” as she liked to phrase it—out of the jewelry box on my dresser. She only paused momentarily, admiring her backside in the full-length mirror that sat in the corner behind her, before continuing her rant, “Because one, you are way too good for him. He’s not even that cute. Plus, now, after being spotted with Megan, I’m sure he’s disease ridden. Serves him right. That’s what happens to boys who cheat—especially on my best friend. And two, I gave you the whole weekend to get over him. So, please tell me you’re not still hung up on Wes. He’s not worth one day of misery, much less two.”

I didn’t respond. I had nothing to say. We both knew she was right. Reluctantly, I dragged myself out of bed. “How long have you been here, anyway?”

“Oh, just long enough to get a good whiff of your ripe morning breath,” she smiled, waving her hand in front of her nose. And to raid my closet, I thought. 

Happy Monday!!

PS: Finally, I've come to the decision that THIS is the perfect layout for my site. Sorry for all of the changes lately. Also, because I've done so many changes, I had to re-add all of my widgets. So, if you don't see your name on my blog roll please tell me. I tried to add everyone, but the list is so big that I'm sure I probably left someone out. Sorry! :)


  1. I enjoyed the snippet. Fun!

    I like the layout quite attractive and most important easy to read!

  2. I loved it. Now I remember why I usually don't read snippets. I want to read more. :D

  3. I love this! I want more. :) Love the new layout. I have to find a new one for mine. The site that hosted my background took it away. :(
    Have a great day!

  4. I really enjoyed that! Now I want more! Are you sure you can't slot it in anywhere, I want to know if Wes gets his just desserts! Karen.

  5. I LOVED IT!!! You have such a great voice, I feel so lucky to have gotten to see it on Monday!!! You little tease :)

    Love this blog layout too... rocking the hot ones!!!

  6. First of all, I LOVE the layout. Beautiful.

    Second of all, I really enjoyed the excerpt. It was so cute - especially the alarm clock being the "boyfriend". Heehee.

    Even though this was from a writing excercise, I want more! :)

  7. Dood, I ADORE the new look! Also, this snippet. Best friends like this are the bomb, hahaha.

  8. I like the new look too - sleek :)

    Great snippet - lots of characterization in very little space.

    You said to tell you so I will - I don't see me on the blog roll.

  9. Loved the snippet. I love the new layout too, very nice. :)

  10. Ok... you better not abandon that story Kim. I will come up to Dallas and kick you in the shin!!!

  11. Thanks for the snippet and stopping by! I agree, I want to read more. Well done with the writing and the layout. Love it!

  12. Writing exercises are definitely awesome. I've found that my entries in blogfests that aren't taken from my WIP almost always end up in it anyway. lol

    And love the new layout! Good choice :)

  13. Great snippet! Me likes!!

    And your a woman...therefore incapable of settling on one site design for very long. :)

  14. Writing exercises are fun!
    Great could turn into something bigger!

  15. That snippet is so full of personality, I love it! And I really like the layout you ended up with. It is so fitting.

    Thanks for always being awesome, you help me more than you know!

  16. Come see what Stella looks like!!! BEWARE as well I'm setting up a blogfest for this since it was such a huge hit and would love for you to join! More details to come :)

  17. Love the snippet and the layout! And you do know as soon as you profess you're keeping it, you'll change your mind, right??? It's like a rule or something. ;-)

  18. I like the snippet! Great voice!

    I love the new template, too. Easy to read, with a bit of pink thrown in!

  19. Yes, your new layout looks great! Now you've got me thinking I need to redecorate over at mine - darn it!

    I loved your snippet! These two girls sound like a lot of fun - I'd definitely like to spend more time with them.