Friday, July 2, 2010

My Writing Sucks!

No, really. I'm not even kidding or exaggerating. At all. My writing really does suck, see. ====>>>

A couple of weeks ago, I was tagged by the lovely Jen at Unedited to do this penmanship meme. Fun stuff. Or, in my case, not so much fun. It seems when I'm trying to write well, I tend to mess up. A lot! (Plus, this didn't scan very well. Sorry!)

In case you haven't seen this, or are wondering what in the heck I'm writing about, here are are the items in question:

1. Name/Blog Name.
2. Right handed, left handed or both?
3. Favorite letters to write?
4. Least favorite letters to write?
5. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
6. Write in caps:
7. Favorite song lyrics?
8. Tag 7 people.
9. Any special note or drawing?

And, in case you can't read my writing (very, very possible), here are the three people I tagged to do this FUN meme:

Kristin Rae, Kristi Chestnutt, and DL!!!

Have fun, guys!!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!! Doesn't this song just scream SUMMER?!


  1. I think your handwriting is so cute Kim!!! It doesn't suck!! I'm so glad you had time to do it!!

    BTW I'm going to see Eclipse at lunch today!! Woohoo!!

  2. Your writing most assuredly does NOT suck. I think it's funny that you wrote it over and over.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Your handwriting looks great!

    Only Katie Perry could make blue hair look so good.

    Hoep you were able to see Eclipse. I am hoping to see it this weekend. Oooh, can't wait! Happy Fourth of July!

  4. I love your handwriting!!!!

    Trust me, mine's even worse. I tend to let hubs write anything that will be seen by others.

    I'm excited to be tagged though, this is different and fun! Thanks and have a GREAT HOLIDAY!!!!

  5. I've seen this meme going around, it's fun seeing the different handwriting styles on-screen :)

    Happy 4th to you!

  6. Haha, even though I'm a Texan, I love that song! Katy Perry said she wrote it because it bothered her to see so many California girls throwing it up during Empire State of Mind, she wanted a song that belonged to them. Methinks Beyonce needs to write a response-song for us Texas girls too!

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  8. It looks like your words slant left, which is interesting, considering you're a righty.

    And your handwriting isn't bad at all!

  9. I'm taking your submission to a hand writing expert and I'm sure they're going to tell me....

    1) This person is infinitely creative, amazingly up-beat, and inspirational.


    2) This is the same hand-writing seen on a ransom note recently.


  10. Your handwriting looks good! You're crazy!! MINE is REALLY BAD! And I can't believe you TAGGED ME!!! AAAAAHHHHH! lol.

  11. Ok, that so doesn't suck.
    Late at night, I like to leave post it notes for my husband beside the coffee pot(first thing he sees in the morning) and he always has to have me interpret later.

  12. I love your handwriting -- it's very neat and pretty. :)

  13. Great way to sucker us all in :) Love it!

  14. You have such pretty handwriting. Mine really sucks.

    Have a great loooong weekend!!!

  15. Fun stuff! I kinda like your handwriting:)
    Happy 4th,
    Karen :)

  16. I love your handwriting. At least it's easier to read than my husband's. He left a message for me yesterday that came out like this:

    I've taken the kills to Walmart.

    And once I thought he wanted me to buy sex toys . . . from the grocery store.

  17. you have lovely handwriting :)

  18. Aww, Kimberly, you writing is lovely!!

    Is it weird that it's also how I thought it would be, like if somebody asked me to choose it out of a line up I'd select that one? (ok, yea that is weird)(sorry, I think about these things too much)

    Oh, ALSO! you won something on my bloggins today *nods* Check it out :)

  19. We need to find one of those people who analyzes people through their handwriting.

  20. I know what you mean. I was self-conscious doing the meme, but your handwriting is very neat.

  21. Happy Fourth of July! I think your writng loooks really good, actually. You should see mine!

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  22. Haha no I think it's fine, i love your handwriting in particular! And yes that song is so catchy oh why did you post this I just got it out of my head yesterday!!

    Hope you are well!

  23. Dude, our writing is fairly similar! Except yours is more legible.

    So glad to see you back!!