Monday, August 30, 2010

A weekend of epic fails

I'll admit that sometimes my post titles may be a bit deceiving. But not today's. This weekend was, in fact, a weekend full of epic fails. Or, maybe I should say falls? More on that later.

It all started on Friday. I mentioned on Friday that I was going to see The Last Exorcism. And my hubby and I, along with a couple of friends did go see that movie. Or, at least, we attempted to watch the movie. But it's kind of hard to watch a movie when there were legions of talking, texting, fake screaming, Skittle throwing teens filling the seats of the theater. Now, maybe if they would have been throwing Peanut Butter M&Ms, all previous infractions could have been overlooked, but they weren't. Needless to say, we did kind of get to watch the movie, which was surprisingly... funny. Aside from a few WTF moments. And in return, putting up with senseless teen shenanigans scored us free movie tickets for next time. So all in all, not such a bad night, I guess.

However, Saturday was a completely different story. There are only four words needed to describe this incident: yard, hole, foot, and OUCH! So today, I'm left with a swollen, twisted ankle that I can't walk on. Fun times.

But anyway, I'm sure you guys have heard enough of my fun-filled weekend. And as promised, today I'm going to announce the two lucky winners of The Mockingbirds bookmark.

So, without further ado, the two winners are:

Kat O'Keefe and Carol Valdez-Miller

Congrats to the winners! I'll be in touch with you shortly, however if you don't hear from me, please email me at

And for everyone else, if you didn't win this time, don't worry. I promise there will be more chances in the near future to win super cool Mockingbirds prizes.

Have a Happy Monday, everyone!!


  1. Sorry about your ankle. I've sprained mine so many times I've lost count. I've even ended up in a cast one summer because of a sprain. Not a lot of fun.

    LOL about the movie. Actually, I thought the only people to see it would be the teens. :)

  2. I can't even go to see movies int he theater anymore. To much talking and I hate sitting in those seats. Maybe I'm just getting old. Every now and then my wife or kids drag me to the theater and usually I wish I was back at home, watching my TV. Best of luck with the ankle!

  3. Those darn teens! :) I see a movie in the theater about once a year. It's expensive!
    I hope your ankle is elevated and iced. Hope it heals soon!

  4. Well, it sounds like you didn't miss a good movie and you got free tix out of it, so yay! But boooo about the ankle. :\ I hope it heals fast!

  5. I hopeyour ankle gets better soon. Swollen ankles are never fun. At least you got free tickets to the movies.
    Congrats to Kat and CArolina, two rockin chicks.
    Have a great day!

  6. Kim, I'm so sorry about your ankle and movie experience. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Glad you were able to get those free tickets. Something like that happened to me when I went to see Twilight. But there were no skittles flying through the theatre.

    Congratulations to Kat & Carolyn!

  7. Lol, that's why my hubs and I always wait a few weeks after a movie comes out to see it. Not a huge crowd to deal with:)

    Sorry about your ankle. I hope it heals quickly.

  8. Sorry about the ankle! and yeah we never see anything on the first weekend it's out. The crowd is too crazy. The last time some drunken lady tried to hit on my husband while I was in the bathroom. He still claims to be

  9. Oooh how awesome! I'm replying to your email now!

  10. So sorry to hear about your ankle. That is so NOT fun. I hope that you feel better soon!!!

  11. Yikes about your ankle! I hope you're doing better!

    Sounds like quite the movie weekend, I hate when my movie watching is ruined! Ugh drives me crazy... movies are super expensive now!

    Congrats to the winners!

  12. Sorry about your ankle! Guess this just grants you the right to lounge around and be waited on hand and (pardon the pun) foot.

  13. Naughty teents. Grr.

    Sorry about your ankle too. Hope it's better soon. :)

  14. Oh man, Kimberly!! I'm so sorry about your awful weekend! How awful that they weren't at least throwing PB M&M's. Or like pizza or something. Man. And your poor foot!!! awww! *Hugs*

    But thanks so much for the giveaway! I'm so happy! I just loved this book. I can't wait to get the bookmark! :D

    I hope the rest of your week goes a little more smoothly!

  15. PB M&M's? How about Starburst?! Dude, you're way braver than me. I'd pee in my pants if I saw that movie. I'm such a wimp. lol