Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look what I found

Look what I found in my mail box yesterday ====>>>>
Of course, I was expecting it. Because it's an early birthday present (to myself. I have several more coming over the next few weeks. Shh... don't tell my hubby). But I have to say, there's nothing more exciting than opening your mailbox and finding something other than bills, bills, bills. Right?

I can't wait to crack this baby open and start watching me some Damon and Stefan. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a huge Vamp Diaries fan. Huge. And I'm super excited that season 2 premiers next Thursday--9/9.

Here's a little teaser of what's to come this year. I'm really looking forward to Katherine. With her entering the picture drama, drama, drama is sure to ensue.

And, although I didn't get receive this in my mail box (because I was way too impatient to pre-order this one from Amazon), I went out during lunch on Tuesday and picked up this little gem. ==>>

Pretty, right? I started reading the minute I got it and I'm loving every minute of it! Evie is my kind of girl.

So, did anyone else get anything exciting in their mailbox this week, or bought something because you wanted it??


  1. No, I did not. But . . . I have some dvd's on hold at the library that I'll probably go pick up. It's the first five seasons of Saturday Night Live with Gilda Radner and John Belushi, etc. Can't wait!

    Paranormalcy looks great. What a striking cover!

    I forgot to add you in the links in my post yesterday, but I put you in this morning. Sorry about that! You've always had such great contests and I wanted to make sure you were noted for that.

    Take care today!!

  2. Pretties... I love pretties!!! I'm with you on picking up the book at the store rather than waiting at amazon, I find that I'm very impatient on release dates.

    I've yet to seen the Vampire Diaries... I really need to get on these bandwagons of AWESOMENESS!

  3. Ooh I'm jealous of both those.

    I'm waiting on my Paranormalcy copy still. Had to order it from the US cause it's not out here in the UK yet. Sniff.

    LOVE The Vampire Diaries. Stefan...Mmmmm :)

  4. I did! I got the new Papa Roach CD!
    Also, I bought the first two Vampire Diaries book a month ago and want to read it. I have so many Vampire Diaries to watch on my DVR (almost 20), I started watching the series then thought I'd read the book first...A whole season went by. I have no idea how I"ll ever catch up!

  5. Evie should be in my mailbox today!

  6. I got Paranormalcy on my Kindle the day it released. I love that thing (the Kindle).

    We WERE waiting for Dexter season 4, but we got it from my brother last week and had it watched in 2 days.

    So now I'm waiting for 9/7, when season 3 of Chuck and season 5 of Supernatural come out on DVD. Yay!

  7. I just got a copy of JOHN BELUSHI IS DEAD :D Aside from that, I got some bills. Not very exciting or, um, wanted.

    Looks like you've got some really great stuff, though! Movies, books...your weekend's going to rock.

  8. Nothing too exciting in my mailbox today! Some bills - ugh!

    I've never watched the Vampire Diaries but I think it's on over here...

  9. I would personally love to find Damon Salvatore in my mailbox. I bet my neighbors would steal him though.

    I bought Paranormalcy yesterday and read it last night after work. It is sooo good!

  10. Nope, nothing exciting in the mail today except junk stuff, groan. You're gonna have a great weekend, Kim...just enjoy, enjoy!!

  11. ZOMG NEW SEASON OF VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!! I'm so excited :)

  12. OOOOO I didn't know that trailer was out!!! Looks HOT!!

    I bought Paranormalcy too! It's good so far!

  13. Those DVD's are totally you, Kimberly. And I'm still waiting on my Amazon pre-ordered copy. I hope it's here today. :-)

  14. These are both on my list of soon-to-be-Amazon purchases! I can't wait!

    BTW - left you a goodie at my blog today. ;-)

  15. I love birthday gifts to myself, so I think good on you for buying yourself some fun things. :)

    I haven't seen the Vampire Diaries, maybe I'll check it out (I usually don't seem to watch shows til they're out on DVD, anyway). And I want to read Paranormalcy... I'm going to have to get a copy myself!