Monday, January 3, 2011

Fresh Start

Happy New Year! I can't believe that 2010 flew by as fast as it did. In some ways it's kind of sad to see another year slip by, but in other ways.... it's fantastic! 2010 wasn't the best of years for me. Actually, 2010 was kind of a year full of suck.

But it's over with now, so I won't dwell. If anything, 2010 taught me that things will not get done by putting them off. It also taught me a lot of other things, but we won't get into that.

Generally with the passing of one year comes a list of resolutions that we resolve to complete in the new year. For me, personally, I'm not big on New Years Resolutions. The main reason is because I never finish them. I start off with a bang and then after a few weeks, maybe a month tops, BAM! New Years Resolutions are forgotten and I'm off to repeat the bad habits of years past. I seriously can't remember the last time I set a New Year Resolution for myself, other than the obligatory, I want to get fit, loose weight, find a magic diet where you can eat all the ice cream & cookies you want. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen.

This year though, things they are a changing. I'm setting resolutions. And I am going to follow them. Period. End of story. After a year like last year, where I literally got NOTHING DONE!, there's no other choice. I have to do something to get back on track. What's so surprising is.... I'm actually excited about it.

And because I'm a firm believe of: if I put it out there, and others read it, then I feel compelled to do what I said I was going to do, I'm going to share my resolutions with all of you. So if I start slacking, you guys have to crack the whip!

My 2011 New Year's Resolutions:

1) Write more.

Every day to be exact. As I mentioned before, I basically didn't write last year. Or, at least, there was no quality writing happening around here. None. So writing is a must this year.

2) Blog more.

I'm sure you can guess that along with my writing, my blogging wasn't up to par either. Near the end of the year it was practically non-existent. I have a lot of things in the works this year to share with the blogging world, so I'm super excited to get started!

3) Read, read, and read some more.

When you're a writer, reading is pretty important. And I love reading. This was the one thing that didn't really stop last year. However, as you will find out in the coming weeks, I've set a very ambitious reading goal for myself in 2011. There are just so many great books coming out this year!

4) Eat healthier.

Um, yeah. As I said before, I say this every year. And usually on January 1 I just head first into the dieting and exercising and I'm super pumped. And followed by that I get super burned out in a few weeks time. So even though I set this resolution for myself every year, this year I'm going to tackle it a little differently. I'm starting out slow. I tend to do better with subtle changes. Little goals. And my goal for January is just to eat in. Period. With all the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season, my hubby and I have been eating out more, and frankly, I'm so tired of it. I got a set of great pots and pans for Christmas and I'm looking forward to putting them to use. I've decided that I will gradually incorporate more healthy food and exercise, but my first priority is to just take it slow. No need to rush.

So those, my friends, are my resolutions for 2011. The year has just started and I can already feel that it's going to be a great year! I love New Years for this very reason, it's a clean slate and it's very refreshing to start over again.

What about you guys, do you have anything you resolve to complete in 2011??

PS: Due to other obligations, I will only be posting once this week. However, by next week I plan to come up with a blogging schedule. And I plan on sticking to it! Have a great week everyone! I'll be lurking...


  1. Happy New Year! We have similar resolutions so I will not state mine again. Have a great day!

  2. I blogged about my goals for the year this morning. I didn't add exercise though. It's just a given for me. That's when I get most of my ideas. If I get stuck on a scene, I go for a run. :D

  3. Last year was kind of a limbo year for me, too. It's okay. I was learning to juggle writing / blogging. Now it's time to incorporate the exercise and to quit eating whatever the heck I want.

  4. I don't really want to make resolutions either, but these are all things I "plan" on doing too! :)

  5. I'll second your #1 and #3 goals! Here's to a great and productive 2011! :-)

  6. I like goals better than resolutions any day. Makes me feel less guilty if one falls through the cracks ;)
    Good luck on your list!! Hope this year has some great things for you!

  7. Happy New Year, Kim! I hope your year sparkles and brings you all good things. Good luck with your new goals! You can do it...:)

  8. Good for you! I have a feeling 2011 is going to be a great year!

    I hope I didn't just jinx

  9. Great list!!! I look forward to next weeks blogging!!! Should be badass!

  10. I am trying this word theme instead of resolutions. Another blogger has been doing it for years. The idea is to try and embrace your word for the year. I never stick to resolutions, so I don't make them. However, I do believe that if you can form a solid plan and then work that plan... well, different results. Just writing stuff down and not looking at it again. Never works. I am rooting for you on all of your resolutions!

  11. I've made a goal to read 110 books this year. I'm really excited about it! I want to write and blog more as well. We must be on the same wave length (I'm planning to eat better too! And exercise more!)

  12. Happy new year!!!!

    If I made new years resolutions they would probably go something like the ones you set up for yourself. I hope 2011 brings you wonderful things :)

  13. I hear ya on all those Kim, and I send out my best wishes for a fabulous year. You deserve to sparkle girl **** You can do it!!

  14. Happy New Year, Kimberly!
    My resolutions are same ole. Stick to exercise routine, eat less sweets (less not give up!), and stick to a writing schedule.
    Good luck to yoU!

  15. Sounds like some great goals. I'm doing the diet one, too. :P And I'm still working on writing goals. Querying seems to be where I need to focus. Hitting the "send" button just scares me silly! :)

  16. Great resolutions! I didn't make any this year, since I'm terrible at keeping them once they're out in the open. But do have a few things I want to work on this year, that I'll focus on more than anything else. :)

    Happy New Year!

  17. I think I have all the same resolutions as you! Writing every day would be great.