Monday, July 18, 2011

In the blink of an eye...

It's funny how things can change so fast. Literally in the blink of an eye. One minute everything is normal, and then the next.... not so normal.  It isn't like this is unheard of, I mean it happens someone every day, but when it happens to you, well, that's when things change.

I started off this year full of pep and energy, excited to see what the year brought me. And the first few months, while uneventful, were normal. And like I shared before, April and May, well, they were not the easiest of months. But then there was June. June was the worst month to date.

Some of you may or may not know that I LOVE dogs. I have no kids, so my dogs are my fur babies. Just a few days shy of a month ago one of my fur babies, and the youngest one of the whole bunch, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Or maybe a heart tumor. They weren't really sure. Pretty much all we knew was he was sick and it didn't look good. Two days later he died. And that's when everything hit rock bottom. The black cloud that's been hanging over my house for months finally dropped the biggest downpour of all. Of course, dogs die. Everyone dies. I know this. But when it happens to someone you love, it just sort of changes you. In good ways and bad. It makes you realize that life is so much shorter than you could ever expect, and that you must take advantage of the time we do have. Do the things we love. Don't obsess over things that are out of our control. Basically, live your life the way you want it to be,  don't wait and wish for the way you hope it turns out. These are all things we tend to forget as time passes. Life's busy, dang it!

However, with that being said, that's what I've been trying to do. Slowly, but surely. No more pressure. If I don't write for one day. One week. Two months. It's okay. If I want to spend all day watching TV, even though there are a thousand and two other things I NEED to be doing, so what. Naturally, I'm very obsessive. I want things to be perfect, but life's messy and not perfect. It never will be. So that's where I've been for the past month. Two months? I can't even remember when I posted last.

Not to mention, our house flooded a few days after all of this happened. Imagine shoes floating in your closet! Two inches of water covering half of your house. Not fun! And.... yes, there is more. It's like I'm the bad news bear over here or something. One of our other fur babies had to have laser eye surgery because he had a cornea ulcer (See his eye? It has to be stitched shut for two weeks! Talk about pain!). Now, it's pretty bad when your dog gets doggie lasik before you, yourself do!

So it's been crazy around here. I'm hoping that things settle down. I'm wishing for Fall to hurry up and get here. It's been way too hot and I'm ready to snuggle up in warm blanket and enjoy the crisp fall breeze.

I did not write this for sympathy. It's just something I'm feeling. I hope all of you are living your life to the fullest every day. Not wishing your life away waiting for the weekend (which I fully admit, I still do most of the time. Especially on Mondays!). No one wants to wake up one day and wonder... where did my life go? No one.

On a much happier, non-depressing, whining, blah, whatever side note: We got a new puppy (despite the fact that I always vowed I never would! Because, yeah, they're cute! But they are also A LOT of TROUBLE!)

Meet Jaxon. Isn't he so freaking adorable?!?!?!!!

How have you guys been? Enjoying your summer? Anything new happening??


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's never easy. So sorry for all the bad luck. Things have a funny way of turning around though.
    This is something I try to do--step back and enjoy. Life can be crazy and you can miss so much. It takes a lot to stop and breathe in life.
    Thanks for the reminder and I'm thinking of ya.
    BTW--new puppy is soooo cute.

  2. Hugs for all you've gone through in the past few months. I was devastated when I suddenly lost my cat. It took me awhile to recover from that.

    But new puppy is definitely adorable. :D

  3. Kimberly,
    I know exactly how you feel. My Viszla died of an undiagnosed stomach tumor. It was sudden and devastating. During that time our house was partially gutted, because stupid us unwittingly bought a house full of mold. YUP! No joke. I've been in renovations for 4 years. I'm just getting floors now, and it took me 2 years after Luke died to get a puppy. Now, like you, I'm in crazy puppy world and trying to write. I'm with you, sister. Hang in there and know that you are being thought of with affection. : )

  4. Oh, honey! I'm sorry. I know you didn't write this to get sympathy but I'm giving it to you anyway. {{hugs}}
    Pets are family, so I understand what you're going through.

    Yes, Jaxon is adorable. :)

  5. Christine - Yes, we must breathe. I have to remind myself of this at least twenty times a day. :)

    Stina - Thank you so much!

    Demetra - Oh my, girl. That must have been awful! And the house gutted too? I'm not sure how in the world you handled all of that! I would have probably pulled out all of my hair. And yes, puppies. We ended up getting one very fast. I didn't want to at first, and then... it was just too quiet in our house. So we got one. Most of the time I'm thinking... OMG what did I do? But then, when that sweet little puppy curls up in my arms (which he won't be able to do for long! In a few months he'll be a giant!) I just fall in love all over. I'm a sucker for a sweet puppy.

    Jennifer - Thank you so much! You don't know what it means. Pets... they are family. I think it's something only one with pets understands. :)

  6. Hi Kimberly, nice to meet you today and thanks for commenting over at Talli's blog.

    I completely understand the loss of a dog. I still remember (and get sad) everytime I think about my collie, Lady. And she's been gone decades.

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's never easy losing a pet. They are part of the family. It's good to hear what's going on with you (even though I'm not glad that what's going on is not so great). But we used to be in touch more and busy lives got in the way. Anyway I want you to know I'm sending a smile your way. I know you'll get through all this and have wonderful things ahead... like your new puppy.

  8. Aw, hon...I'm so sorry. You poor thing. What a tough few months you've been having. I'm so very sorry for your loss. What a heartbreaking story. HUGE hugs, dear...

    Sending you love and hugs and strong wishes for things to feel better soon.

  9. Hey buddy - I'm on vacation this week so if you email me at work I won't get it. You know how much I share your dog love. When Buster had to be put down a few years ago, it was the worst few days ever. Knowing what needed to be done but not wanting to do it. You always reserve that one glimmer of hope (or at least I do) that they still have a chance to get better. At some point though, you realize it's not going to happen and the only right, compasionate, and merciful thing to do is the thing you never want to have to.

    I hope you take solace in some of the same thoughts I did. Mack isn't in pain anymore and while he was young, he had the BEST life he possibly could have had. That he ended up with you guys was a total blessing.

    Hope Lil' B gets to feeling better (you know I have a soft spot for Pugs too!) Give Spanky a hug for me and I'm going to have to come meet Jaxon. He looks ADORABLE!

  10. So sorry for your loss! What breed is your new puppy? Kind of looks like a boxer..that's the type of dog I've had since I was a little girl. I hope everything gets better for you!

  11. I love the new look of your blog! Gorgeous! I'm sorry about everything. So very sorry. Sympathy or not sympathy I sending ou plenty of hugs. They're well deserved.

    Sending you lots of loves for you and of course for that adorable new pup!

  12. Oh, Kimberly, I am SO sorry. *hugs* I'm sorry for your loss, I'm sorry for the flooding, I'm sorry for the poor, pitiful one-eye-stitched pug of cuteness. (I hope he is all better now...and tolerating the new, adorable, ball of energy that must be Jaxon!)

    I have a kid and still my dogs and cat are my fur babies. They are part of the family. (there are days I'd take the cat over the humans ;)

    Anyway, *HUGS*, and *more hugs*. And here is to a fabulous rest of your July/summer...YEAR...DECADE! :)

    Love the handsome Jaxon.


  13. Oh Kim, I'm so sorry.

    Jaxson is SOOOO cute! I sense there are many happy times ahead.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. We have a kitty that is wasting away and it's hard to watch. I know it's time but it doesn't make it any easier.

    In more cheerful news, it looks like we will be at the same event on Thursday. Hope to find you!

  15. Your poor babies... Still so sorry Kim.

    Got any updated puppy pics?! :)

  16. Thanks for all the kind words.

    Chasing - Jaxon's a Boxer. Love those dogs!