Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Year, New Beginning...

Can you believe it’s already almost March? I can’t! Especially since my goal for this blog was to slowly ease into posting again beginning in January. So, it seems, I’m taking the “easing” part of my goal a little more literally than I intended to do. It’s not easy coming back after being MIA for two years—am I right?!

When I started this blog back in 2009 (what seems like a lifetime ago now) I initially started it to document my writing journey. However it’s a little hard to document a writing journey when you haven’t written in three years, so blogging kind of just became a “thing I used to do.” It was always something I enjoyed doing, but sometimes life just happens, you know? What I realized is that I still sometimes feel the urge to blog. Maybe I have the itch because I do love and follow a LOT of food blogs and DIY blogs, and those are both things I love doing--cooking and messing up things trying to be the Pinterest DIY Queen!

So, with that being said, I came up with the brilliant idea of repurposing this blog (that’s my inner DIY nerd talking right there). Am I still interested and writing and reading? Yes, absolutely! And I’m hoping that getting back into a routine of writing and reading will, in fact, inspire me to start a new project. I’m also hoping it will help me practice writing sentences without the words “like” and “totes.” I’m not even kidding. It’s almost like I’ve become a thirteen year old girl! Totes.

I do not want to dedicate this blog to one purpose, since I love and want to share so many things. I’m kind of random and sporadic with my hobbies. Dating life. Let’s face it; my whole life is just a random sequence of events—and a lot of the time it ends with very comedic results. I’ve decided to embrace my randomness and share it with you all.

Life without random, craziness would be boring. So I hope you’re all ready!

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